Nahanni Day 10- Virginia Falls

Nahanni Day 10 – Virginia Falls

What a gorgeous morning we woke up to – fog coming off the lake but blue blue sky above. Slower start to the day. The water had come up a full foot and we would have lost a canoe had it not been for the last person before bed moving them further up the lake bank – the implications of the lake going up a foot is that the river is now up a foot as well (oh boy rapids………rapids……), the implications of losing a boat………hard to measure.

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Nahanni Day 9 – Oxbow Lake Camp

Nahanni Day 9 – Oxbow Lake Camp

The day dawned actually not bad – breakfast was scones and bacon, cowboy coffee and 7 grain cereal with fruit compote (OMG). It takes us about 90 minutes to get ourselves going in the morning, breaking camp, tents, rolling bags, stuffing barrels, jamming barrels into the canoes and mostly trying to figure out how the H we get everything in…….Today we played a game of catch the paddle to warm up and then the usual stretches. Then got on the water….

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