Paris Marathon 2018: Feeling the Burn

This morning the degree of difficulty of yesterday’s run was confirmed with some definite residual soreness/leg fatigue. That combined with freezing rain outside made for a great excuse not to run. However, part of the training is learning to run with muscles that don’t feel great and to ignore excuses not to run. With that in mind, headed to the treadmill for an 8 miler this afternoon. Was supposed to be an easy at a modest pace, but running for more than an hour on a treadmill never feels easy. After did some leg strengthening, needed for injury prevention.

Weekend summary:

Mileage: 40km each

Total wipeouts: 1

Frozen eye brows: 4

Paris Marathon 2018: Winter training

Monday’s runs are meant to be easy to recover from the long distance of the weekend before.

Although easy may not be the appropriate term… after all, we are training in Canada. At 8:50 pm, we ran along the lake shore, watching the waves crash into frozen water. The wind really didn’t want us to run. One of the slowest runs in our training sessions yet (wind and us trying to take it easy).

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Paris Marathon 2018: One foot after the other

One foot after the other. Feeling the impact of each stride as we run laps around the track like hamsters on a spinning wheel (perhaps this analogy is better for a treadmill). I, Farid (on the left) started officially training in January. Training started with easy paced 5-8 km runs. Now, a month later, almost running daily and the shortest distance is 10 km.

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