Offering lessons in cardiac care and exploration

On April 19 the Test Your Limits team participated in a Google Hangout online event hosted by Exploring by the Seat of Your Pants , a not-for-profit with a goal of connecting classrooms across North America with leading scientists, adventurers and conservationists from around the world. We used our session to talk to students about heart disease and organ donation and the importance of embracing a healthy and active lifestyle. You can view the Google Hangout here:

1.8 Million Ontarians Mistakenly Believe They are Registered Organ Donors

TORONTO – An Ipsos study has revealed that as many as 1.8 million Ontarians mistakenly believe they are a registered organ and tissue donor. April is BeADonor month, and Trillium Gift of Life Network is encouraging Ontarians to check their donor registration status. There are two ways to verify you are registered: visit to check, or check the back of your photo health card; if the word “donor” is printed, you are registered.

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Training for Test Your Limits – Mike Walker

I have the ultimate luxury of working in the Heart Function Exercise Laboratory at Toronto General Hospital. This allows me the unique opportunity to test my maximum oxygen uptake on a regular basis; the primary reason to insure calibration of the equipment and accurate measurements when testing our patients. Thanks to our generous donors, we have the most up-to-date equipment, software, and the ability to conduct valuable research. This testing also gives me a gauge regarding my own training; therefore, applying some “method to the madness.” That madness includes waking up at 3:00 am to complete bike rides on my indoor trainer in the “pain cave.”

Training for Test Your Limits – Farid Foroutan

Every Saturday and Sunday, Rail Trail and Christie Lake trails were the paths for my long distance off road training. Training filled with long steep climbs, tall trees, loud but tranquil falls, and the whitest snow with imprints of animal footprints (massive contrast with slushy brown dirty snow one finds in almost all streets of Toronto). I can argue it being the perfect context for creating my personal version of “Zen and the Art of Bicycle Maintenance”. Cold and windy rides called for a scarf wrapped all around my head, covering mouth and nose, almost replicating feelings of altitude.

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