Bracing for another storm

We awoke knowing that a big wind storm was coming in today, bigger than previous. So we started construction on a bigger wall with buttresses. Crazy huge.

Post wall we visited Dye II station. Our musher Julius was the guide. The place is huge. 5 stories and hundreds of rooms. It was a cross between the x-files, aliens and a post apocalyptic horror show. Even though we had to climb down a steep snow slope and then through a snow tunnel to get in, once in things were in remarkable condition. There is literally food still present, mattresses, magazines and books from the 80’s etc. All because they abandoned it in 6 hrs. The top is a huge radar station. Even weirder it isn’t being used though structurally intact, but the runway is and we saw a big American aircraft take off.

The massive Dye II station behind camp
Inside the radar dome. So Sci-Fi!!

The dogs are remarkably hardy. They may start to learn the running at 6 Mo and then gradually they are put to work. How long they work is dog dependent though Julius has had a dog still mush at 14. During the storm they curled up, looking like little round mounds in the snow. Not a concern in the world!

The dogs are ready to run as soon as the storm passes.

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