One week anniversary at Heartbreak Camp

Our one week anniversary in camp was met with some good news. The dogs are moving toward us again and may be here tomorrow. Which would mean we can start skiing on Wednesday.

Nice day. Sun with some clouds. Small wind gusts but manageable. I’m now out of chocolate. To those who know me, you’ll recognize this is a disaster #needmySOMA.

Went for a good walk around camp today and had to dig out one tent because the wind changed direction and drifted the tent in. Given the wall we built a few days ago nature, abhorring a vacuum, has steadily built the snow up around us providing an optical illusion that we are actually sinking into Greenland’s ice cap! Which of course may be true.

Taking a walk. Stretch those legs, they are going to get a workout!

We have now perfected the art of ‘nothing’. Also known in the UK as faffing, we colonials call it futzing. All in all we’ve managed 7 days of it, 3 people plus gear,  in a tent the size of a queen bed. Impressive eh?

More of the same tent life. We are hopeful that the dogs will arrive tomorrow night so we can FINALLY get moving. We are trying to ration our food so we have as many days left as possible. It’s a good thing we packed as much as we did.

Notice the halo around the sun, and the drifts that required digging out from.


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