Happy Mother’s Day from Heartbreak Camp

Storm broke overnight. Eric had been up to dig out the tent about 6 times during the storm. This am it’s calm. We dug out all of our gear and the tents. Dogs were again pinned by weather so we don’t know their arrival but hopefully tomorrow. Overcast flat light today.  Since we’ve been longer than expected we have counted out the food and fuel, with some moderation type control, not full rations. We’re still good. The mushers have extra fuel but are low on their food so Eric has calculated all of this into the equation. Of course success will still require Mother Nature to cooperate.

Audio dispatch from Heather here: https://soundcloud.com/user-590095375/may-13-audio-dispatch-from-heather

Digging out after the storm.
Weather beginning to clear.

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  1. Great new features! So nice to “hear” that weather is improving and all are in good spirits. Nice to see you’re still managing to get some great photos! Sunset is my favourite, but have to say am happiest to see the one with blue skies. Very encouraging! Stay warm and safe.

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