Riding out the storm at Camp Stormbreaker

Howling, churning, battering, relentless, pounding, whiteout.

Like the agitation cycle on a washing machine with snow/wind instead of water.

Started up through the night. Eric and I went out at about 6 am and we’d lost one anchor rope tie (we have spare) – he and Taylor fixed it. Some of the anchors were loose as well.

Repairs during the storm.

Pretty thrilled with the wall which is providing amazing shelter. Though it has mostly disappeared on the wind facing side with literally tons of snow having piled up. Crouching down below it and you feel buffeted. When you stand up you feel almost bowled over.

10 am saw Taylor and Ian re-securing their tent.

John has done some stunning calculations. At 12 feet per day it will take us 421 years to cross Greenland!!

It’s a tent day to be sure, book reading etc. It’s so loud you can’t hear yourself think!

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  1. May the clouds part and the wind be at your back. And may the dogs bring Aquavit to warm your bones and improve your games of Hearts. Stay warm up there, we’re sending good vibes from Vancouver.

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