Heartbreak Camp

Temperamental Greenland……….we are coming to know some of the challenges that early explorers would have faced – high winds, brutal temperatures, severe wind chill. These challenges have delayed the dogs by days and hence we find ourselves in tent city – otherwise now known as Heartbreak Camp!

Greenland’s paradox is an unforgiving climate coupled with a very hospitable people. A Greenlandic saying sums this up really well….’you’re as unlikely to meet an unfriendly man as to meet a friendly bear!!!!!’

Big storm expected tomorrow. Winds at 40 knots gusting to 60. We will spend most of tomorrow getting ready for it. It is expected to last three days. We will be completely pinned down. As will the dogs. So likely further delays.

The favourite card game of this expedition so far is Hearts, and one of the strategies of Hearts is to “shoot the moon” which basically means making calculated moves to GO FOR IT!

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