Paris Marathon 2018: Early Morning Training

One of the longer runs today. We scheduled for a morning run to develop the habit of running in the morning. After all, they don’t schedule marathons after work hours.

Temperature was rather perfect. Not too cold and not too hot. Starting to feel like spring but certainly doesn’t look like it.

We ran to Tommy Thompson park again. Along the way we encountered black ice and bright, loud, right in your face ice. Guess which one I wiped out on again… the most visible patch of ice.

We ran a total of 21.8 km at an average pace of 4:44 min/km. Jeremy wanted to aim for 4:58 min/km but I think we finished feeling alright. We ran for 1 hour and 43 min. At the halfway point we bugged a nice couple for a picture (they thought we wanted their picture)…

And now we feast (really should get the nutrition right though).


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