Paris Marathon 2018: Winter training

Monday’s runs are meant to be easy to recover from the long distance of the weekend before.

Although easy may not be the appropriate term… after all, we are training in Canada. At 8:50 pm, we ran along the lake shore, watching the waves crash into frozen water. The wind really didn’t want us to run. One of the slowest runs in our training sessions yet (wind and us trying to take it easy).

Couple of ice-patches along the route made for some really funny near wipeouts. I’m not worried, Jeremy is there and I’m sure all of his years of schooling can save my life. If I were Jeremy though…. oh boy…

Finished the run back at the sight of the beautiful skyline. Please see the snow for a sense of our training conditions.

P.S. The wind was great for practicing our wind breaking formations!! (With 2 people…).



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