Paris Marathon 2018: One foot after the other

One foot after the other. Feeling the impact of each stride as we run laps around the track like hamsters on a spinning wheel (perhaps this analogy is better for a treadmill). I, Farid (on the left) started officially training in January. Training started with easy paced 5-8 km runs. Now, a month later, almost running daily and the shortest distance is 10 km.

Jeremy (the only other person in the picture) has been training for years (he is always training for something it seems – I’ve lost count). What you see is us after our tempo run (running at a speed that is maintainable but uncomfortable).

So far our team dynamic is as such: I’m a bit clumsy (forgetting socks for workout), and Jeremy is diligent (has the laps and times all figured out).

Our training is not just about developing the stamina and strength to run 42 km in less than 3 hours and 30 min. Rather, we work out together to build a team bond. We warn, motivate, and look out for each other (crucial for a testyourlimits team).

The goal isn’t just to cross the 42 km mark, but rather finish it together as a team!

– Farid


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