Nahanni Day 3- Cirque of the Unclimables

Nahanni Day 3 – Cirque of the Unclimbables

Well holy S batman, what a day!
Easy start around 630 am got a good fire going and made cowboy coffee, eggs, yoghurt and granola – not bad – and we needed it.
We then packed what food, tent, clothes etc that we needed for the Cirque – about 50 lbs – stuffed into our backpacks and began the climb up to the meadow of the Cirque.

6 hours later…….2500 feet.

Highlights – think Grouse Grind on steroids (not the altitude gain but the trail)
Perry took it for the team – 7 wasp bites – he went in front of me and saved me from The wasps – That is a pretty big deal.
Evetyone was in good spirits – Mike looked like a mountain goat. Dale and Dave as always amazing.
Perry flew up. I checked his pack at the top and it really did weight about 50 – but you couldn’t tell!

We arrived in the meadow and I feel like I have entered God’s  cathedral – towering spires of granite many still unclimbed. We ran into 4 Brits who are here for 2 weeks of rock climbing.

Tomorrow we explore the Cirque – we are up here for two nights!!

My tent opens up with a view down to the valley, Glacier Lake, and in the very distance the Nahanni.







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