Test Your Limits – Every Day

For Dr. Heather Ross, testing one’s limits can come in many forms.

“Test Your Limits doesn’t have to be about climbing a mountain. What you do in any given day – things happen, things are thrown at you, challenges come up that test you in different ways. They test your patience, they test your mental capacity, they test your work or your ethic – they test some aspect of your life.”

Dr. Ross’ patients push past limits every day. The following five part series showcases the ways in which her patients test their limits – every day.


Helen Farinha’s Story

“My policy is: I got a new heart, I got a new lease at life – a second chance. So I’ve got to put my heart into everything I do.”


Heart transplant recipient Helen Farinha crosses the finish line at the 2014 Canadian Transplant Games. (Photo: Helen Farinha)

Watch Helen’s story on UHN.ca: http://bit.ly/1qB97FT


Sari’s Story:

“I want to do so many things. Now I can.”


To celebrate his one-year anniversary of his heart transplant, Sari completed the CN Tower EdgeWalk in August 2014. (Photo: Sari)

Read Sari’s full story on UHN.ca: http://bit.ly/1rHNqjv


Amy Mathers’ Story:

“Every day is a gift.”


Multi-organ transplant recipient Amy Mathers is in the midst of a very unique marathon across the country. (Photo: UHN)

Watch Amy’s full story on UHN.ca: http://bit.ly/1rXYXkY


Matthew Lierman’s Story:

“I got my best friend back,” says 14-year-old Jessica Lierman as she recalls the turbulent years leading up to her father, Matt Lierman’s, heart transplant.

lilly matt and jess

Matthew Lierman, with his daughters Jess and Lily just over a month after his heart transplant. (Photo: Matthew Lierman)

Watch his full story on UHN.ca: http://bit.ly/1D0jeJe


Bill Best’s Story:

“You have to live after your transplant.”

bill best

A month after his heart transplant, Bill Best rode his motorcycle to his check-up at Toronto General Hospital. (Photo: Bill Best)

Read his full story on UHN.ca: http://ow.ly/BwYO9

While many of her patients find inspiration in Dr. Ross, she finds just as much inspiration from them.

“I’m quite lucky to be challenged and inspired by my patients and the incredible things that they do every day,” she says.

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