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  1. Congratulations! It is an amazing feat to have endured everything that your team has and a wonderful end to the adventure to be able to say that you stood at the North Pole. Glad to hear that the team is home safe.

    Cheryl B

  2. Congratulations to everyone, awesome story, incredible pictures, and inspiration to us all. Thanks for the blog,

  3. Hi Dale and company, we're very relaxed now that you're safe. Congratulations . Until the next expedition. T &N

  4. OMG I am so proud!
    And we will miss you so much at the RUN on Sat, but what a truely amazing kick off to National Organ and Tissue Donation Awareness Week

  5. WOW! Truly amazing. Thank you for getting the word out there in such an inspirational way. Dale, hope I follow in your footsteps, but not to the North Pole! Dr. Ross, Did you get Santa's autograph for my daughter Melissa?

  6. Congratulations to the entire team. Glad to hear that everyone is healthy and successful on the top of the world. Can't wait to hear what you do next!

  7. Congratulations to all of you!!! What a team!! What a victory!!! Sooo glad you are off the ice and safe!
    Typical Heather — great adventure with a grand finale–setting off the volcano!
    I think fireworks would have been sufficient. Pictures and commentary have been great.
    Article and pictures in today's Toronto Star are great–just in time for Organ Donation Awareness week which kicks off next week.
    You might not make it back for ISHLT–but you'll be the talk of Chicago.
    Take care, enjoy being off the ice, being dry and warm, lots of food, liquor, and your own room!! 🙂
    Safe trip home

  8. It is a rare person who comes along and raises the standards of excellence, who captures the hearts of many, and who inspires a group of individuals on to achieve the impossible.
    Who ever thought a Shippam would stand on the North Pole…Thanks Dr. Ross

  9. Thanks for another dramatic ending to another wild ride. I guess you made it off the ice just under the wire, before the fire and brimstone began falling from the sky. Very glad to hear that everyone's back on solid ground safe and sound, and can't wait for the next adventure.
    Congratulations and admiration to all; not only for such a great accomplishment, but also for having the determination, motivation and creativity to so greatly foster the organ donation cause. I don't doubt that this trip and the others have saved lives in the past, and know that they will continue to do so in the future.

  10. Congrats What a great inspiration to all your patients. I thought my workouts were tough … more work is now definitely needed Thnks for all the dreams you have given us. Dave

  11. Congratulations to my favorite explorers!
    I am so happy for all of you on your successful journey to the North pole. I am very proud of you for showing your outstanding strength, courage and determination through the rugged terrain, weathering the elements, over many miles of rugged trails. I raise a pint to You, my friends, and look forward to seeing you all again soon. Cheers and big team huggzz.
    Dave 'a friend of San Miguel' : )

  12. None of these trips have happened without the drama. The big crack in the ice on the landing strip, the blizzard rescue, and now the volcano. You couldn't write a more exciting script. Thanks for the good will and attention to organ donation, we will miss Dale at the organ donor run today in Thunder Bay,but you will be there in spirit,Dale.After being stuck in a polar blizzard, waiting it out in oslo will be quite tame.Only it will be testyourpatience. for Heather it should read testyourpatients.2010
    Congrats again,
    get home safely

  13. Congratulations to all the team, it was exiting following your journey, may you all return home safely. Looking forward to speak to you Michel,take care.
    Larry Nardone

  14. Congratulations to all on your accomplishment. What a tremendous effort you've put into training & the actual trip under horrid conditions. You're a wonderful inspiration to us. See you soon we hope Heather.

    Bruce & Liz

  15. Congratulations to everyone. Happy you are all well and safe, and finally clean and dry. I have so enjoyed living the trip through you and appreciate what you have done to make people aware of the importance of transplant. Great Job Everyone.

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