4 Replies to “April 14th Audio Update”

  1. great to get the 4am phone call that you were at the pole. All's well that ends well. Congratulations on a huge accomplishment. Who would have guessed you'd be wedding crashers.

  2. Three days tent bound: I'm sure it's even more exciting than it sounds. On the bright side, you can call it mental training for Test Your Limits 2020: The Space Station Odyssey. I can't believe you packed in Connect 4, and can believe that you now regret not picking up a bottle of Aquavit in case of snow squalls. I find it unnerving that Heather decided to use a therma-rest as a cutting board, and hope that you all laughed at her. Every good camper knows that you're supposed to cut the cheese on the bottom of an aluminum canoe.

    Anyhow; stay warm, learn French, and float north.

  3. Dr. Ross and team congratulations on your advencher of a life time to the North Pole been reading all your blogs and the pitchers are great love the one with the polar bear. Dr.Ross I miss hearing your voice giving me crap about my weight being too high and for me to take a pill LOL through the home CHF program hoping the weather will brake for ya soon and ya keep drifting north. Wishing you all the best on your final stretch this is a great thing you all are doing for people like me THANKS your CHF patent Richard Burley

  4. Congratulations to you and your team on accomplishing such a phenomenal feat!!!

    Ricky and Lynn Burton

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