Day 9 – On the Ice

Day 9 on the ice…..

Started out early this am trying to get the distance done…only to spend almost 4 hours to get 1.7 miles! Ice cubes, water – Dale dipped his toe in (he didn’t want to be left out) – but nothing else. He is absolutely fine.

Then things really improved and we were able to make some good time/distance. Dale led for quite a while – quote…’interesting to see the whole empty ice field right to the horizon with no tracks ahead – hoping I wont miss a soft spot’

We are at 89.45 East 129 – 15 miles left to go…..

Overall total distance covered 81.61 nautical miles

Everyone is doing well, the difference today was the cold, man was it cold – 25 plus windchill putting it down to about -40. The kind of cold that defies explanation – damp as well. We came into camp and the wind really picked up – major challenge for fingers and toes.

We are loading up tonight – bagels with salami, cheese appetizer followed by Lasagna in a pot (sorry LP and EDL)

The two polar cowboys continue to amaze finding paths through the chaos.
Hoping the wind is blowing us closer to TNP

MW Iced up

The boys at a rest stop

Finally the sun is out

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  1. Dr. Ross and Team,

    Everyday I read with amazement what you guys are doing and it gives me the inner strength to keep on fighting. I am with you in spirit and send positive thoughts your way that you will reach the North Pole soon. Keep sending the great pics …
    Stay safe and may the winds blow in your favour.
    Waiting patiently for my new heart and lungs so one day I can join you on these crazy adventures.

  2. Heather
    Are sure that you don't have water wings. If not for the little dips in the ocean but they might help you get to the pole a little quicker you know the wind beneath my wings (Sorry). Your team's perservence and determation is remarkable. I sure hope the drifts keep moving you all a little closer to the pole. The daily updates are just great. Fantastic pics
    Best Wishes

  3. Your pictures make everything so real – it's one thing to read it – it's another to see it.
    Counting the days until you come home – be safe – M&D

  4. 15 miles……so close! We are proud of you guys for making it this far. Stay dry and keep pushing,

    Two friends arrive to the North Pole after 2 weeks. After having built an igloo, one of then leaves to find some food.

    After an hour, he comes back and knocks on the door. The other guys replies: “Who is it?”
    nyuck, nyuck, nyuck

    Jamie & Adrianne and Healey

  5. Lasagna in a pot! H – You will have to show me how it's done. Eat well and rest up. 15 miles to go – lunch at the North Pole on the 14th. Here's hoping for positive drift, smooth skiing and good weather – Stay warm and dry! Very best wishes to you and the entire team. Pictures are stunning and the audio bites are terrific. lp

  6. OK, maybe I can get my head around lasagna in a pot….. but salami and bagels!?!?!
    Glad to hear that you are all eating well.
    It's amazing to follow your progress. Hoping Mother Nature cooperates. Ski on, be safe…. and please try to keep Nellie in check!
    Loving the pics! edl

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