4 Replies to “April 11th Audio Update”

  1. Dear Dr. White,
    How WONDERFUL and AMAZING to hear your voice as well as to see your “iced up” face. We are breathless as we read Dr. Ross's daily blogs and see the pictures that show the incredible challenges that the Arctic terrain presents. We cringed when we read that DR. Ross had slipped into the water and worry that you might try another dangerous ski jump!!! We are charting your course on our globe. Nous sommes saisis d'admiration pour vous et votre entourage devant votre courage, perseverance et abnegation.
    David and Louise (de Ste-Adele)

  2. Hi Team
    We can hear,see and read the excitement as the trek is getting you so close to the Pole. Almost there!! Stay safe, strong and WARM/DRY! Trudy and family

  3. Yay! You're almost there! Wow – what an accomplishment this will have been for all of you… And for you, Heather, it sounds like one that your patients have been making with you, every step of the way – so inspirational for everyone following your Team. Sydney is doing her current events presentation on your expedition in class on Wednesday – she is so proud to know you! Enjoy your final trek days & keep safe! Looking forward to the North Pole pics! 🙂
    Stephanie, Sydney & Cole Borg

  4. Very Happy for you guys that is a job very well done. Now have safe trip home. Well be happy to hear all about your trip went you get home

    Brian & Susan Coakwell

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