Day 7- On the Ice

Day 7 on the Ice

Something magical about today…….we hit our 60 nautical mile target – unfortunately we are only at 89.25 so we are still 35 miles from the Pole. We will need some positive drift and divine intervention – but at least we know we skied the distance required. From here it is all gravy. I myself spontaneously cried and all the guys looked at me like – here we go again! I remain amazed at Dale and his capacity. Steady pace throughout 8 hours of pulling.

I got to lead for a while today – nothing in my periphery but 180 degrees of magic desolate ice. It looked like an ocean had been snap frozen, with waves in progress, whitecaps, the peaks and valleys of waves of ice.
We had great ice today so overall we skied 11 miles covering 9.8 nautical miles north (not much drift today).

The sun came and went all day – temperature minus 20, no major windchill so pretty tolerable (compared to last few days). Keith almost went in the drink but managed to show impressive balance one ski on ice, and one on water……

Here’s hoping for (+) drift.

Don’t try this at home

Dale about to negotiate open water

An open lead


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  1. Hey! Positive drift is cheating. Cold, wind, eventual swim and negative drift is what makes it exciting. Not to mention the occasional polar bear. March on, we are cheering, but no cheating. 😉 ea

  2. You guys deserved a decent day – now we are putting our positive forces to work for no more sleep walking. and you have our permission for a little cheating! Never thought I would say anything like that but I am desperate! M&D

  3. Glad you had a decent day … may they continue. The pictures are unbelievable and so mystical. Wishing you continued positive drift and good weather. Keep smiling and pushing on. Your are all an inspiration to so many of us.

  4. Great pictures and updates.Can't wait until the next challenge comes. Were following your trip, step by step.. Liz & Wayne

  5. I am glad you had a really good day today. I don't think there is such a thing as “cheating” when you are skiing on the polar ice cap. Otherwise there would be negative cheating too. Heather, I would've have cried with you when you reached the mileage to the North Pole. Keep smiling. You are all awesome. Trudy

  6. Soooooo happy to see the weather has improved for you. Congrats on reaching the 60 nautical mile target! Hoping that all the stars line up and you all reach your zero degree destination. If not, you can all come home knowing you have physically skied the required distance. Still an amazing accomplishment! The pics are magical…. keep em coming! edl

  7. Hi Dale and Gang – Awesome milestone – Awesome experience – You give a new meaning to the saying when the going gets tough the tough get going – Yeah team
    Jan and Walt

  8. So glad you had a safe and productive day. True grit,all the way.Another remarkable feat.

  9. Boss – You sound happy even tho you almost fell into the water – Thanks to Dale for always being there. I will make no further comments 🙂

    We now have 8 outpatient VADs…..another record for us!

    PS – isn't postive drift an abnormal finding on a neuro exam?

    Stay safe…..Have fun…..Come home.

  10. Glad to hear that things are turning around. Only -20 with no wind? NO PROBLEM! It's 20 C with no clouds out here in Van, so I guess I should test my limits with a trek down to the coffee shop. Hoping that the winds stay low and your spirits stay high.

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