It Certainly Is An Adventure!

Wind is 35 mph – with gusting to 40 mph
sustained > 25 mph
drifted 5 miles south since going to bed
we have a sustained drift of 0.5 mph mainly to the east/southeast
there has been drifting snow that has buried all of our sleds, skiis and started to bury the tent.
overall too dangerous for us to venture out – visibility very poor, so can’t wander off or you wouldn’t find camp again
89.11 degrees and moving away from the pole
we are hunkered down and waiting it out – nothing else that can be done –
living arrangements are tight but we are making it work
we may go out later if things settle down
Happy Birthday to Trudy, Stella and John

p.s. Can’t thank everyone enough for the comments – they bring warmth and humour to us everynight as we do the dinner prep!!

A windy day

Snowed in

5 Replies to “It Certainly Is An Adventure!”

  1. Hello Dr. Ross!!

    I came across your article in the Toronto Star and saw this link – it's such an amazing way to keep in touch while you're on your journey! This is absolutely wonderful, and I am praying for you all to have a safe and fun time!

    I'm looking forward to reading all of your updates!! Enjoy the rest of the week – I hope that the wind calms and you're able to continue! All the best!


  2. Hi Everyone
    You've got us worried now.Baited breath everywhere. Please keep the ice solid underneath you. That's all I ask.Can't be that hard.The North Pole looks like a moving target.We are with you all the way.
    Anne Marie, Jan and Peg and Healey and Mom

  3. Hey everyone, sorry to hear your snowed in…on the bring side..once you get back from the North Pole the mild weather here is going to seem luxurious! Hope you make some distance soon, would be great if the wind would finally push you in the right direction.
    Take care,

  4. appreciating my warm, cozy fireplace more than ever..praying for a favorable drift..not even a polar bear out in that weather, lovin' the swimming fitz

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