Day 6 – Day 3 on the Ice

Location – latitude 89.15.736 (i.e. 45 miles to go). Lost 2.1 nautical miles during sleep due to drift. Ugh.

Amazing day – not hard to imagine what it would have been like for the earliest explorers! -10 or so celsius (warm), but gusting winds 10 knots with snow flurries and white out conditions, visibility <>

The wind was from the northwest – so we continued to lose ground as we walked along, reminding me of a gerbel on a spinning wheel. The gusts were so strong that at times the sleds would run to the side of us. My goggles on the left side were completely frosted over due to wind and snow.

There were not as many obstacles today so we covered – 8 nautical miles. We set camp amidst the crazy wind – a bit like flying a kite – something we will do on a better weather day. Dale is doing great. Keith and Dirk are machines. Michel is providing the humor.

For dinner tonight is Pasta Primavera with chicken, appetizer is quesadilla with cheese – the menu has been brilliant. I have been doing the breakfast short order style – this morning we had bagels, bacon and cheese. We are getting better at setting up camp, though the weather adds its challenges, it makes it that more important to get the tent up and get out of the craziness out there.

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  1. Just got a call from you Dale from inside the tent.Thanks Heather .The latest scenes of ice damns and open water is disconterting but you are with good guides so hopefully you will overcome the scarey looking obsticles. Don't fall in.
    Take good care

  2. the parting of the Red Sea…..The closing of the Arctic Ocean. Sounds like there are Divine powers at play here.Keep on His good side.

  3. feel a slight twinge of guilt when we flush the toilet and put on our electric blanket – just a wee twinge – listen to pegs comments and advice – she sounds like a wise woman- M&D

  4. hey heath, we were thinking about you on the weekend while we were skiing in plus 29 Celsius!! although I suspect for the north pole negative 10 probably ain't so bad…..celebrated Lauren and my birthdays on the weekend too, lotsa fun…..good luck…..

  5. Here I am, with my tired feet, standing over a hot stove all day — and you're eating gourmet foot in the north pole – I'm doing something wrong! M&D

  6. Go, Dr. Ross Go!! I just found out about this on Sunday when Brian stumbled on Saturday's paper in the Atrium. Wish I would have known, so I could have wished you “Good luck” in person!

    You are such an inspiration, though I don't think I'm going to ever do something that “cold” after I recover!

    Rooting you on from my hospital bed,

    Francine Bryar

  7. Sending you all good thoughts that you'll be safe. As you mentioned, you're in the footsteps of amazing humans…which is only right!
    Watching the daily blog with keen curiosity…
    All the best,
    Shane and Joanne WIlliams

  8. Okay, I have not spent alot a time on the Discovery Channel, with these drifts at night, is there a risk of waking up in one place and your gear drifting away or is there water wings on both your gear and and your tents to prevent loss. Great reading and story telling
    Best Regards from the CVICU

  9. Dr. Ross – this is just an amazing journey. Thank you for taking the time to share your stories. They are truly an inspiration, as are your patient(s) traveling with you! Know that you have a group of us here in Pennsylvania following along and living vicariously through you. Safe journeys!
    Carolyn Hahn

  10. Hi.
    Mom and I are at your house Dale, getting and update on your travels. You are very brave people to say the least. Mom can't wait to see you back in this neighborhood. Mom and Margaret.

  11. Wow,I'm glad you're safe Heather! And thank heavens for Dale, and your team!!! Hope there was some Baileys left to warm you 🙂
    Pictures and stories are great!
    Hope the weather stays more reasonable.
    Take care of yourselves!

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