Day 5

Well we are on the ice. It is about – 30 and windchill so tough to type. I think this will be par for the course for the next 10 days…highlights
Plane ride in was amazing – about 2.5 hours smooth ride – Had a chat with the pilots – great – let me sit up in the cockpit for a while – great view. Landed and had about 1.5 hours at Barneo – great soup, coffee and cookies – the best was the porta potty with sign reading next toilet 1500 km!!
Then we boarded the helicopter and took off to our starting point. landed at 89 on the nose – and all of a suddden we were completely alone – the helicopter took off and it was unbelievable – felt like I was on the moon…..landscape was amazing.
Now we are at 89 degrees 4.1 minutes – so we skied for 3 hours and covered only 4 miles – over typical terain. Gives you an idea what we have to do to cover 60 miles to pole, let alone drift and obstacles, open water…..wind howling as we set camp – almost lost one of the tents – now though we are inside – Keith has stove on – we have cocoa and dinner is getting fired up. Dale is so strong it is amazing.
Thanks Stacey for the great Easter Candies!!!! That’s all for now – I will update temperature, longitude and latitude daily as well as some info on camp life!!

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  1. Yes – now the journey begins – keep us posted on temperatures. be sure you keep the smile on the pictures – makes us feel better – M&D

  2. Le plus beau mais aussi le plus éprouvant sont à venir … Profitez bien de chaque secondes et n'oubliez pas de prendre de belles photos!

  3. Oh, at it again, Heather? You guys are amazing. Don't forget to invite me when you plan to test your limits in the Bahamas or Seychelles. I am looking forward to seeing you later this month, so be careful and stay clear of the polarbears. Have a great trip! Finn

  4. Happy Easter! Do Easter bunnies get that far north? Rooting you on from here in Toronto, stay safe and warm(ish).Liz

  5. Happy Easter. I agree about the trip to the Bahamas though as posted before by Anonymous. This is yet the beginning of a gut renching tale for the onlookers of the blog. Can't wait to see the pictures. It sounds amazing thus far.

  6. It is really happening. So far it looks pretty cool (literally). You're an awesome team. Happy Easter. The pics are great. Trudy and Gord

  7. Hey, Heather! Happy Easter! Saw your article in the Toronto Star yesterday and it was amazing! We're wishing you luck & letting you know that we are so proud of you. And we're sure that Ron is up there cheering you on, too… Looking forward to all of the stories & pics! Be safe & God Speed!
    Stephanie, Sydney & Cole xo

  8. What an amazing world we live in and thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures. Dale I am so proud of you!!! You motivate me as well as every transplant recipient out there. Do you need a travel letter signed for this trip?? ( ha ha ). You guys keep warm and looking forward to more updates.

  9. J'espère que la journée s'est bien passée et que tout va bien.

    Dans les prochains jours, si les vents le permettent, scruter bien le ciel et l'horizon ……

    L'explorateur JLE a quitté tôt ce matin le Spitzberg en Ballon. Il est en mission scientifique, et tente de rejoindre l'Alaska par les airs. S'il y parvient, il sera le premier a avoir traversé le Pôle Nord en ballon.

    Sa vision revêtrait sans nuls doutes un caractère magique au milieu de cette immensité féérique.

    Sur ce, reposez vous et dormez bien

  10. What do you get when you cross a polar bear with a cardiologist and a transplant recipient?

    A polar bear.

    Have fun, play safe.

  11. i feel the chill..but this old girl thinks the road to success is most always comprised of detours and setbacks..happy trudging…
    What do ya get when u cross a polar bear with a firefighter???let's wait and see..u know where my bet goes??see ya soon!
    love & rum…fitz

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