Day 3

What a day we had today – Easy start with wonderful breakfast at the Hostel where we are staying. Then we went down to the large uninsulated shed to look at the gear. We sorted the skiis and bindings and made sure we had what we needed.

The sleds have a smooth contoured bottom with heavy material screwed in for the top, kind of expandable, so we can take what we need and shrink down as we eat! – 109 lbs of food (that is before it is rehydrated – OMG). More on this later….
This afternoon we went up and met Tom – he has 17 husky sled dogs. We put two sleds together 11 dogs on one, and 5 on the other. The sled with 5 dogs was smaller and each of us had a chance to mush! It was exhilirating – no words can adequately describe it. The landscape all snow, rock and mountains, no trees. We took a circuitous path up and around the mountain working the sleds up the hills helping the dogs. Our destination was the ice cave.
we put on our helmets, and our headlamps and in we went. Wow. We were in the bowels of the glacier. Apparently we took the expert route, ladders, ropes, and 10 foot icewalls that we went down, ice slides. We went a long way down into the caves, beautiful untouched ice sculptures naturally made. The trip came to a halt when Tom went down a slide and coaxing me down I got wedged in the ice – a Norwegian WEDGIE! Well a bit unusual and quite stuck! Eventually we extricated me and figured that was far enough for us to go. We then had to haul ourselves out by rope, grunting and sliding along. Magic
We mushed back to Tom’s place and had wonderful coffee and cookies. Back to the Hostel and a hot shower.

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  1. WOW – We never should have let you cross the street – that was you first experience of danger and from there it took off – the pictures are great – M&D

  2. Wow, pictures are great and the little history lessons along the way are great. Toronto Star article was so inspirational. Be safe in your travels and looking forward to more.

  3. Amazing!!!! Looks like your adventures have started! Love the stories… and the pictures are great. Keep em coming!

    Thinking of you all and wishing you a safe and exciting journey.


  4. Amazing pictures and stories!! And only 109 lbs of food! But unfortunately no Dad's cookies or licorice…untill your return.
    Have a great time and stay safe!!

  5. From Mike Steele 11/14/09
    Dr. Ross,
    My Hearts are with you and your team this Easter, but the rest of me is warm sitting in the sun in the back yard.
    God Speed you on your jouney, and return all safe and sound.
    Mike, Michelle, Richard, Jameson.

  6. Hey out there. Glad the tent didn't get away. We've rescued them floating across a lake,but chasing them across the frozen Polar Icecap is too much.Don't type Heather,save those fingers.Doctors and black fingers are never a good combo. We all like pictures though. Take care. Hopefully you will have some smooth stretches ahead.

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