Day 2

We left Oslo this morning and arrived in Longyearbyen to about -15, though windchill makes it feel a lot colder. Dirk and Keith were at the airport to meet and greet! Short drive into the hotel, converted from miners lodging. Longyearbyen is known for coal mining and some commercial fishing. It also holds the world’s seed repository. The seeds from the world’s plant life are stored here underground, safe from permafrost up on one of the mountains. Noah’s seed ark.

After we checked in we wandered around town. The houses are built up on wood stilts so that the frost doesnt’ cause them to break. The road’s are sheet of ice so all the cars have studded tires. We wandered past the church and into town. Stopping for dinner at Svarbar. The highlight of today was the sighting of real reindeer, followed by NO sighting of polar bears!Team is in great spirits though a bit tired from all of the travel. It will be great to have a day to recoup.

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  1. You have seen a reindeer! We told you you would see Santa – we didn't even give you a letter for him. If you see him tell him we have really been good==M&D

  2. Patients take heart from MD's Arctic trek.

    Great article in the Star today Heather. Thanks to all of you for being an ongoing source of inspiration and motivation, and not only for our patients! Good luck on the trek and hopefully the shifting ice will not have you skiing in circles. Cheers
    Mike Walker

  3. Longyearbyen, and the entire island of Svalbard is an amazing place!! I was there for 2 1/2 weeks last summer and found the scenery to be breathtaking! I'm glad you were able to take in the sights in the quaint small town as you began your adventure!

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