We’re Off!!

The day has finally arrived. We’re feeling 80% excited and 20% terrified!

Trudy came to the airport to see us off. She’s in good spirits, and will be hugely missed. We will definitely be taking her support with us.

The first travel leg begins – Toronto to Frankfurt. Then tomorrow to Oslo, and then Thursday to Longyearbyen. Although you can track the weather in Longyearbyen, we will be a couple thousand kilometers north, so likely a lot colder. We have a couple of training days in Longyearbyen then, weather permitting, we will be off to Borneo- the Russian Arctic station.

Thanks to everyone for all the warm wishes and thoughts, we need them to get ourselves through the cold nights!

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  1. And off we go again… I'm looking forward to chapter 3, and can see already that it's going to be quite the ride. I'm especially glad that you've finally relented and added some risky pics of scantily clad women to boost ratings. Business is business, I understand.

    Have fun, be safe, and climb in to your tents knowing that a nation of future donors is watching intently.

  2. Dr. Ross and Dale…..you are amazing and inspiring! I am looking forward to following your journey.


    ever grateful heart transplant recipient

  3. Good luck to you and the team, Heather!

    You know, once you're up there you have to take advantage of a once in a lifetime opportunity: snowball fight at the north pole!! 🙂

    Bill Quinn

  4. April Fools – this is obviously a joke!
    I have always said that Dale is the smartest of the lot of you – Proof – just look at his picture in the Frankfurt airport! – M&D

  5. Hi Dale and Heather
    So far so good at both ends.You sure are hitting some spots on earth that few have ventured too. Was thinking of you yesterday at silver harbour, 20 degrees and no more ice.Have a blast with the dogsledding, hopefully they wont behave like June, the horse with her own idea of where to go next. Take good care. Great postings Heather.

  6. Hi Dale:
    Diane and I are following your journey, as is most of the Villagers.
    Have a safe trip and am looking forward to your comments.
    Freddie & Diane

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