The Mission to Nepal

Check back soon – Blogging will begin May 12th 2008!

Dr. Heather Ross, Dale Shippam and a team of enthusiastic individuals will be heading to Nepal and the Himalayas to climb Mera Peak.

Mera Peak is one of the most popular of Nepal’s 18 “Trekking Peaks”. From the trekker, the walk from Lukla through the Sherpa country of the remote Inkhu valley is an unforgettable experience, offering superb scenery, and abundant wildlife – including rumoured sightings of the legendary yeti.

About 700 foreign visitors climb the 6654m Mera Peak each year, an achievement which requires mountaineering skills and a special permit from the Nepal Mountaineering Association.

The altitude of Mera Peak is 6654m. Above sea level, Mera Peak was an almost overlooked mountain to the east of the main Khumbu trekking trails. It is situated in the Everest region in a remote valley.

When one stands upon the summit, spread before you is an unbelievable panorama of peaks such as Mt. Everest, Makalu and hundreds of other beautiful mountains.

5 Replies to “The Mission to Nepal”

  1. Heather,

    I had my heart attack in 1984, 23 years ago and I jog every day to stay alive. However the congestive heart failure desiase progresses. Can I climb with you the mountain?

  2. Hey Dad, too bad I missed your call, i guess you were heading through Zurich. Hope the trip went well, cant wait to see some pics.
    Talk to you later and good luck!

  3. hey..thanx for the pics..things look much the same as i remember them from’98…triggers fond memories…cold spring here in thunder bay…Phil still waiting for the ice to go out on Quetico…latest spring paddle ever!! Watch the beer in liters…love fitz et al..happy trails

  4. Wow!
    Que t’es belle sur les photos.Meme la fatigue te va bien!!C’est le temps de ta graduation et au lieu de te voir monter sur le podium je te regarde toi,ma fille, monter si haut et toucher ces moments d’infini. Comme je pense a toi et que je suis fiere de toi.Je t’aime tant.Mom XXX…

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