Sat. Dec 23, Patriot Hills

Well, the Ilushyn is in the air from Punta Arenas to here in Patriot Hills. We don’t yet know whether or not it will guarantee that it comes here….. but they are generally unlikely to take off without pretty strong assurances it will land. So we will be on pins and needles for the next 4 hours.
If it does get in we should arrive in Toronto early on Christmas morning!!!!
Wow here’s hoping!!!!

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  1. ho ho

    Dear Ian,
    What great news–hope the weather is positive like your attitudes these last few weeks!!I hope Heather is fully recovered and that you had a good reunion. This AM your house looked as if you had gone into the catering business–fog and big snow falls(don’t we wish ?) will not trouble this crowd–I’m sure you will enjoy a good repast upon your return–I toasted you all tonight with the dregs of my 15 year old–didn’t even restock this time!!-saw Joe’s sister at Summerhill today and he is so so but off to FLA. on Boxing Day–Hope Santa arrives on his PLANE–MSL

  2. BRAVO to the team and guides!

    Bravissimo to the Live Life-Test your Limits team. What an adventure! Each of you had to dig deep from within your physical and emotional reserves to accomplish so much.

    Let us also recognize the professionalism and leadership of Barry Blanchard and Dave Stark, the Yamnuska guides. As internationally certified mountaineering guides, they are trained to the highest level of technical climbing skills, navigation and first aid. It has been my privilege to be guided by Barry in Canada and abroad so it was no surprise to learn that he expertly navigated Dr. Heather out of danger.
    Congratulations to all – Bravo – a standing ovation indeed! Blessings for a safe trip home to your loved ones.
    Margaret Imai-Compton, Toronto

  3. I’ll be home for Christmas…

    …we can promise mistletoe and presents under the tree but we are not doing well with the snow.
    Waiting anxiously in Thunder Bay.

  4. Hope you get home for Christmas

    Heather… I’ve been following the blog and am just amazed with everything all of you have done and accomplished. It must be an incredible trip. Wishing all of you a safe trip home and a wonderful Christmas. Sheila Ramsay

  5. Its Xmas Eve……..

    ….. and you haven’t posted anything more….. can we assume you are all air bound for home? Home cooked Xmas meals, and friends & family all gathered with you. What a wonderful thought! Happy Holidays to you all! edl

  6. HOme for the Holidays…

    Fingers crossed that you are all winging it home in time for Christmas. Safe travels! LizP

  7. Dear Heather and Team

    Great to hear you are set to arrive in Toronto for Christmas. If not early in the new year. We are crossing our toes, fingers, legs, arms..May you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Looking forward to seeing you in 2007..
    Bruce and family, Queensville On.

  8. Amazing news

    Dear Heather,

    This is wonderful news. It would make it an amazing ending to a crazy adventure. Your families must be on pins and needles, also.
    Home for Christmas… this will be one of the most cherished Christmas celebrations ever. Enjoy your time off… you’re in the CCU come January.

    From the cardiology residents in Toronto.. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We are so glad you have all made it home.

  9. Breakfast at our House

    Dale & Fellow Climbers,
    Hoping you caught that flight! If you land in Toronto on Christmas morning, come for breakfast! We’ll pick you up at the airport…..
    Sue, Bill, Sara & Sean XO

  10. More Anxiety!

    Okay Dale, enough already! First waiting for the new heart, then down to the wire as to whether you get to go on the adventure or not, then not getting out of Chile, then not getting up the mountain, then getting up the mountain, then Dr. Ross’ adventure down the mountain, AND NOW whether you’ll be home for Christmas. We now need new hearts!

    We’re in town late afternoon on Boxing Day and are hoping beyond hope that we get to see you then. Travel safely, all of you.

    Sonny & Susan

  11. Perfect ending!!

    What a great way to end this adventure. We are hoping that all goes well and you arrive on Santa’s coat tails. MERRY CHRISTMAS to the whole team as well as to all of you fellow bloggers!!!!
    Teresa and Sandi

  12. Great News

    Dale, We will be at the airport in TO to raise a cheer and send you on your way home. Peggy is over the moon. I love Sonny and Susan’s comment. Life will be that much less excitingnow.Do you think you can come up with something else soon as we will be in need of some more vicarious thrills?

  13. Dr. Heather Ross, Dale and All Antarctic Team 06

    Heather, what a relief for you and all your families that you should arrive in TO Christmas Morning. You all have had quite an experience. Dale as said before you are amazing and a great inspiration for anyone with heart disease. Hope you have a safe flight home. Merry Christmas and All the best in 2007. Heather, looking forward to seeing you in the clinic in January.

    Donna and Bob May

  14. Join us to welcome Dale in Thunder Bay

    Dale will be arriving at 11:40am on Christmas Day at the Thunder Bay Airport. Please join us for a grand welcoming for Dale. Everyone welcome. If you have any questions please call Scott at (807) 474-7565.

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