Drama on the Mountain

Last night was an overly exciting adventure. Unfortunately I awoke at 1am with high altitude pulmonary edema (HAPE). We had an oximeter because we wanted to keep track of Dale’s status. My oxygen saturation on awakening was reading 40% – sitting up and deep breathing brought it to 70%. Barry had exchanged places with Pat and slept in my tent as I had not been feeling well after descending from the summit attempt. I was sick to my stomach and had very little for supper. He woke up, watched my breathing pattern and picked up the oximeter from Pat. “You must go down the mountain, NOW”. He gave me 250 diamox and 25 of Viagra. The camp was mobilized – Dale and Barry packed up one tent, their gear and my essential gear and at 3am we started out. At
this point the Viagra had started to work and my oxygen saturation had increased to 91, though I still felt very short of breath on  exertion. We had to descend the headwall, and I had to walk it. Stalwart Barry shortroped me down the headwall with Dale leading the way – the patient became the rescuer.

We arrived at Camp 1 after about 4 hours. I crashed in an ALES tent (they’re the company that organizes Antarctic expeditions) and they had sent one of their guides up from base camp with oxygen. Despite some improvement early on my saturation started to drop again into the 70’s and Barry arranged for me to get down to base camp (more Viagra and diamox). Dave (an ALES guide) and Barry took me to corner camp, while Dale set up Camp 1 for the rest of the team that would be descending later. At Corner Camp I was met by another ALES guide (Alti) and strapped on some skis to make the final descent to Base Camp.

Along the way I met the team that originally went up Vinson 40 year’s ago – I was so exited to meet them, and they were more  worried about my HAPE; information that had spread like wildfire through the different camps. In Base Camp I was able to immediately board a Twin Otter and came back to Patriot Hills. Dr. John Apps reviewed my case and I am happy to report that apart from some residual crackles and wheezes I am just fine.

Meanwhile the rest of the team is at Camp 1. They will be descending the remainder of the mountain tomorrow and weather  permitting back here in Patriot Hills tomorrow evening.

This has really been an incredible journey both personally and professionally. The idea started 2 years ago and has involved a large number of people and I would like to take this opportunity to thank a few of them.

Mr. Ian Delaney, present since the beginning when the decision to come to Antarctica was made, who by the way was incredible on the mountain climbing to a personal best of 3800m at Summit Camp and giving a valiant effort to climb the last leg, funded this expedition and also was critical in the fundraising for the Heart Failure and Transplant Program at Toronto General Hospital. He climbed the headwall with a fully loaded pack negotiating crevasses (I am sure similar to what he does at work) and never complained or asked for special treatment.

Barry Blanchard, a legendary Canadian climber with numerous first ascents who was crucial for the team, but also for me personally during these last 24 hours.

Dave Stark, the safety expert with Yamnuska guiding company and I am happy to report we are all safely off the most difficult  sections of the mountain.

Both Dave and Barry are wonderful, entertaining professionals who I would climb with again any time any place.

Pat Murphy, a rock on the mountain, always positive and upbeat and another woman to share some unique female aspects of mountaineering.

Yanick, for his delight in drama and ability to carry a camera anywhere.

The Toronto General & Western Hospital Foundation who’s members have been willing at all times of day/night to assist in every way possible and I must thank all – but especially Stuart and Krista. Alex R has made all of our wishes come true with media exposure for the trip – Alex you rock!

Lina Chiodo for her fundraising and general support – bella with great thanks.

Gary Levy for his undaunting support.

But mostly I want to thank Dale for being the best ambassador a woman could ask for to raise awareness for organ donation and transplantation. As we stood so close to the top that Dale, who was feeling strong, could easily have made it, never suggested that he go on without the team he said he was so happy with what had already been accomplished – he is truly a team player. I enjoyed becoming close friends with Dale and seeing the look in his eyes as he helped in my rescue last night. He and all my many other
patients, who they are and what they do, are what I love about my job.

Thank you to all who read the blog and left us comments. Imagine if you will -30, in your tent with me calling out the blogs to everyone and all of us sharing and laughing, at the stories. It really helped us stay connected with home and also build our team spirit.

I do promise to update re: flights as there remains a diminishingly small chance we will be home for Christmas – but the official blog is now over. As Aaron Knox said – everyone out there please – “live life, test your limits, climb a mountain”.


Heather Ross (me) and Dale Shippam, near the summit of Mt. Vinson Massif.

74 Replies to “Drama on the Mountain”

  1. what a relief

    hey Heath!
    so glad to hear you are safe and sound. Wheezing and crackling will end soon(I hope but I am not a doc so …..) Let us know how the rest of the journey transpires cause we sure have been enjoying the daily updates. Congrats again to you and your brave team of mountaineers!! Hip Hip Hooray!
    John, Brenda, Lindsay, Lauren and Megs


    Wow, that was scary!!! It was no surprise to see that even when your oxygen level was at 40%…. your team was still giving 110%!!! We’ll be happy to see you home safe and sound!! Take good care!!
    Big warm hug from Teresa & Sandi
    P.S- do you think that Viagra may be interested in a mountain climbing ad campaign??? “VIAGRA : it can get you up, but it can also help to bring you down!!!”

  3. Heather,
    I have no comments to express my feeling after reading this last post in the blog. You are so inspiring as a human being and as an amazing professional. I am glad I have the opportunitity to work and learn everyday with you.
    I would like to let you know that we are here, praying everyday for a safe journey.
    The life message was send by all the team in Antartica!
    Congratulations to all the team members and for the achievement!
    See you soon 🙂


  4. From Flavia

    Dear Heather,
    Sorry, I didn’t get the chance to post here yesterday! Someone’s got to take care of our patients here! 😉
    I just would like to add my happiness and to let you know that I also miss you around!
    Come back safe!!!



  5. WOW! Congratulations.

    To All, this is a wonderful journey with so much to take from it. Thank you to each and every one of the courageous team you who have enriched my life and helped me grow by witnessing this tremendous adventure.
    To Dale, Patti is here with me in Toronto tonight as we get caught up on the blogs. Her son Shawn and his family are here also. The whole family has received organ donor cards for Christmas. Patti asks ” What happened to shooting the rapids and crossing beaver dams? ”

    We send our love and admiration. YT Sharon.

  6. Dr Ross..YOU ROCK!!

    And your brave team too.. Fantastic!! Well done! Safe journey to everyone who is now homeward bound. Billy and Betty Allison

  7. It has been an exciting journey just to follow your progress! Congradulations Dad. Can’t wait to hear the stories.
    love Jamie

  8. Hey Dad, time flies when your reading it on a blog but i somehow doubt it does when you are trying to cook soup at -40, let alone taking a pee. I guess it wasnt as long as you expected but its great that you had the chance to do it and great for your family and friends that you will be home, if not for Christmas, but at some point during the holidays. I will bring back some german food to make when you get home. Have a nice rest of your trip and well celebrate when you get back.
    Love Kate

  9. Oxygen Saturation Test

    Congratulations on coming so close on Mt Vinson, but especially for having the good sense and courage to turn back when continuing to climb could have had disastrous consequences.
    Having been involved in endurance activities, such as triathlon and cross country skiing for many years, I was intrigued by your use of the oxygen saturation test. This procedure could presumably be applied to athletes to assist them in making a decision – as say, in an Ironman Tri, on whether to carry on or seek help.
    Continued successes!
    Bob Winegar
    Orangeville Ontario Canada

  10. Wishing you all a safe return

    So happy to hear that you are back in PH safe and sound. Sorry that your descent had to be so eventful. Wishing the rest of the team a safe and uneventful descent and trip back to PH. Still hoping that you can all get home for Xmas to be with your families and friends (the perfect finale!). It has been great to follow you all on this journey. Thanks for sharing it all with us. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Take care! edl

  11. Dale – it has been quite a few years since that memorable Xmas you spent at our place feeling so ill – now you are one of the fittest! How inspiring for everyone waiting for an organ donation and for everyone to sign their donor cards – WAY TO GO! We are very very proud of you, of your fellow climbers and the entire team. Come home safely – keep cool and stay warm!
    John, André and Anne

  12. thank you

    Dale has been an inspiration in a time where hope is scarce. My son, Levi and I have been following the saga with excitement, with thoughts for Peg and all the families and friends of the team. He’s come such a long way since that day 9 years ago when Levi saw him so close to death in the hospital prior to the transplant.
    We can only imagine the celebrations to follow!
    Rosemary Burris
    Thunder Bay

  13. Safe & Sound

    We’re all very glad to hear that you are back at Patriot Hills and the rest of the team is out of the difficult part of the descent. As family arrives here in Iowa for Christmas we all hope that you and your team can also make it back in time for Christmas, but as you know, over the years our Christmas has had to change its date on several occasions. So, we’ll be with you all in spirit and remember that you can celebrate Christmas everyday just by doing what you continue to do in bringing inspiration to us all with your courage, love and dedication to your profession.

    If we don’t get to blog again we wish you and everyone in Antarctica a Very Merry Christmas.

    Love D&C et al

  14. Heather and Team

    Hey heather: That was one heck of a closing chapter! Am relieved, grateful that you are OK and the team will be together again shortly. Many thanks for continuing the story – it has been incredible following it. Dale is one huge inspiration for all of us. Looking forward to seeing you and catching up in person..Valrona brownies await. C U soon..Merry Christmas to everyone (fingers crossed that you all can hitch a ride with Santa or some big sled)and make it home for XMAS. Bye LizP

  15. Does Halleujah cover it?

    A real life halleujah on your safe descent Heather, with your team and others lending a helping hand. A great story of triumph of mind, body and spirit. Well done!!! Ian’s Trekkies…H, G, M n Em

  16. What a Finale!

    Dale and Team:

    Dr. Ross, we’re so very glad that you’re down safely and doing well!

    The team – what a privilege it’s been following all of you! Words fail when it comes to try to describe the emotions we’ve felt when we’ve read the blogs.

    Dale – We didn’t think we’d every again experience the anxiety we felt when you were waiting for your new heart, but these last few weeks have sure come a close second! Our respect and admiration grow constantly. You are truly special.

    Come home safely all.

    Sonny & Susan

  17. Encouragement from home

    I am following your journey and sending best wishes to you and your colleagues in this amazing adventure.
    Thunder Bay is so very proud of you. I look forward to your safe return and hearing of your successful completion of this challenge.
    Yours sincerely,
    Ken Boshcoff M.P.
    Thunder Bay-Rainy River


    Okay, so I thought that finally I didn’t have to worry any more and I could have an anxiety free Christmas!! Holy crap woman!!! As I was reading about the drama on the mountain , I couldn’t breathe, and I don’t have any viagara in the house, maybe you could write me a prescription!!
    Look kidding aside, I have prayed long and hard that you ALL come home safe and sound ,and I knew that your primary goal in succeeding was to go to the Mountain but mostly come home safely.
    You are the cat’s meow ! and What a team!
    Now listen to your father who said it best ” ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, NOW GET YOUR BUTT HOME!!!!!!!!!!)
    Ciao bella.

  19. Your trek

    Heather – Sounds like good decision making has paid off, as has been evident throughout. SO GLAD you’re ok. What remains is the safe decent of the rest of the team. Your final official posting was so gracious and generous under extreme conditions. Congratulations again to you all.
    PS You made the front page of The Star today. No doubt other media coverage too.

  20. The Climb

    Hi Dr. Ross & The Team, Just a small note to say “THAT IS A JOB WILL DONE”. You guys should be very proud of yourself for what you have done. I know that Myself,Susan,Margaret & Eric are very proud of you guys for what you have done for all us TRANSPLANTS. I know myself,I couldn’t do what you wonderful guy have done for all TRANSPLANTS. Hopefully more people will want to help the TRANSPLANT PROGRAM. From the bottom of my Transplanted Heart I THANK-YOU ONE &.ALL VERY MUCH!!
    Brian & Susan

  21. Congratulations!

    Dr. Ross and Dale and Team – congratulations on your grand endevour! Your journey is very inspiring and I have been following your progress on your blog. My dad was a patient of Dr. Ross’s and a heart recipient in Nov 2003. You never cease to amaze us, Dr. Ross!!

    Congratulations on such a HUGE accomplishment and on meeting your goal of raising awareness of organ donation. I wish you continued good luck in all of your future goals and good health in 2007 and many more years to come.

    Jennifer J.

  22. Congratulations Dale

    You have always been a team player and showed this on the expedition.Congratulations to whole group.It was the experience of a lifetime.Philip.

  23. Brilliant

    Brilliant – absolutely brilliant! We are so glad to hear you are doing well. Congratulations to the entire team – what an accomplishment! Hoping you’ll all be home with your families and friends for the Holidays! Thinking of you, ndl/shh

  24. Holly Molly!!

    That sounds like quite the finalle. You’re on your way home eh? Like everybody else has already said, CONGRADULATIONS. Everybody around here (kenora) has been following the trip. We’re all so impressed. Heather, it was pretty slick having this site set up. It was great to be able to follow the trip like this. Way more fun than coming into work and checking my email everymorning. Dad, we’ll see you soon.


  25. Safe journey home

    Congratulations and thanks to the team for providing inspiration for us all to test our limits! You were less than “pitching wedge” distance from the summit, hit a few quadruple bogeys (40% O2 sat, YIKES), but hopefully everyone is on their way safely to the clubhouse. Merry Christmas to all,
    Mike W

  26. Congratulations!

    Toby and I and our families have been pleased to share in your journey and your leadership. Best wishes for a safe trip home. Stay cool!
    Toby and Jim Cole

  27. Dale Shippam

    Have been following your adventures with great interest. Glad to see that you are all ok. All the best. Dr Croll, Thunder Bay

  28. Job well done!

    Wow it is so amazing what everyone has accomplished so far away in the middle of nowhere!.I think sometimes in the site of destiny we have to remind ourselves we are human, and are only on this planet once!, to have ability to know your limits without hurting yourself is prb hard to when you are so close to the big “V”.Congratulations to all the members of the A-06 team, you did a great job, summiting or not, was hell of an adventure.

  29. Dale Shippam

    Congradulations to all members of this group of adventures for a job well done.As Doc Fun, (Dale will tell you who he is) used to say “Struggle Breeds Character”.The way that everyone looked after each other on this expedition showed that to be true. Of course those of us who work with Dale have always known that He epitimizes good Character. It shows in how Dale helped on the mountain and it shows here at work when He would strap on his air pack and walk into a burning building .Dale is an inspiration and an example that all of us should try to emulate.

  30. HOLY —-

    Dear Heather and team,

    Reading this last blog has me so grateful to God that you are all alive. Heather.. I can’t express how I feel right now. I have tears streaming down my face as I am typing this. I don’t know if I am so relieved that you are alright after such a crazy ending to a long journey or what. When I next see you, be prepared for more tears. You have touched so many people with you caring way, your approach to life, patients and friendship… I will feel unsettled until I see you with my own eyes and know that you are home safe. I agree with your dad “get your butt home…. now enough is truly enough!”


    America, Kindelan, Margarita and Molly in Havana followed your journey every step of the way with much excitement and awe. Congratulations to everyone for this amazing accomplishment!
    PS. America is anxious to see more pictures!

  32. Coppertop!!

    Dad quit showing off. First all the extra O2, then He saves the day. You’ll have everyone wanting new hearts, so that THEY can climb mountains and save days. The least you could do is show a little weakness. Burn the soup, twist an ankle, something.
    Thanks for the blog. I’ve been watching you guys all the way through, but having trouble sending messages. Hopefully we see you by xmas, but if not I’ll keep the fire stoked.

    See you soon.

    Dale jr

  33. Marathon Man

    Hi Dale
    We have been following your progress and I never doubted your strength – both physical and inner – as you are a marathoner. You were my mentor when I began to run marathons and now you have taken your abilities to new limits. congratulations!!! I can imagine you setting up camp, cooking for everyone, helping in the rescue, and loving every minute of it. I want to hear ALL the stories

  34. Wow Congratulations

    Well the longest version of the Final Jeopardy Song has just about ended. You people are Totally inspirational. I think I held my brath for a day or two at one point and then I couldn’t catch it. The Blog was very well done. At one point I felt loke I was there with you guys, but when I closed the window it was like I was at home again. Once again Congratulations on a job well done, the travel, the ascent and the fact that deep inside a lot of people there is a new awareness for organ donation. Iknow the blog was only the beginning I will be intereseted in the book when it comes out Next is the Festivus Celebration. DH

  35. Wow Congratulations

    Well the longest version of the Final Jeopardy Song has just about ended. You people are Totally inspirational. I think I held my breath for a day or two at one point and then I couldn’t catch it. The Blog was very well done. At one point I felt like I was there with you guys, but when I closed the window it was like I was at home again. Once again Congratulations on a job well done, the travel, the ascent and the fact that deep inside a lot of people there is a new awareness for organ donation. I know the blog was only the beginning I will be interested in the book when it comes out. Next is the Festivus Celebration. Be safe and Godspeed coming home.DH

  36. Read the latest today in the Star (and now on-line). What can I say Heather but that I’m really proud to know you. Now get back so we can start rehearsing again.

    Love, Tom

  37. Congratulations!!! Reading about your adventure made me feel warm from the tremendous passion you’ve all shown but also gave me chills thinking of the danger and the frigid temperatures. 😉

    Have shared your story with my readers at A Hearty Life. Stay safe, dry, and warm. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

    Hsien Lei



  39. SO CLOSE

    Hi Dale

    Congratulations on a job well done.

    Just a hint – you will have to put your medical team on a more rigorous training regime before you undertake your next venture.

    Also glad to hear you did not have to take any Viagra. It would have made things much harder – getting down the moutain that is!!

    Trust everything will be smooth sailing for the trip home and that you will be home with Peg for Christmas.

    Best wishes, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

    Looking forward to another chance to go sailing with you next summer.

    Ellis & Geri

  40. Awesome Team

    Hey team…just reading about the rescue made my oxygen level drop and heart rate increase…a successful rescue is only going to happen because of total team work…following your adventure is better than any Outdoor Life Article…Dale, the folks of Thunder Bay are talking…and we are awaiting your homecoming…GARY COOPER

  41. Pat, HAPE and heroics

    Hi Pat and Heather and Gentlemen: well as I recall my suggestion was that we get weaned slowly and gently from this addictive blog …..wasn’t expecting the equivalent of being defibrillated awake without even a whiff of anaesthetic! That was a truly adrenaline surge last installment with a blessedly happy ending for Heather and all the team. Looking forward to tomorrow’s papers!… “Indomitable firefighter from Thunderbay with Donor Heart and famous Mountain guide lead HAPE afflicted cardiologist off Antarctica’s Mt Vinson at 1am through looming crevasses and down hideous Headwall”. If you ask me, it is a very,very scary but ” better” story (of the truth is stranger than ficton variety!) than summiting! Loved Dale junior’s comments!! Pat by implication you have recovered well and I am so relieved & glad you & everyone are down to safe part of Mountain. What a most phenomenal team experience this must have been..aside from the spectacular beauty. Pat to you and all the team – wishing you a most joyous and most MERRY CHRISTMAS even if you have to spend it at PA!. ENJOY!, xxxooo,mary ellen

  42. Dale

    You never cease to amaze me … isn’t that a surprise, not really. Good health and Godspeed, as you wrap up your team’s efforts on Mt. Vinson. Know that everyone is so very proud of what you have accomplished together, as well as individually. The fellowship you have developed over the course of this great adventure will only strengthen your conviction to travel the world. And a greater place it will be for that.

    See you soon … John McCullough, Acting Deputy Chief – Thunder Bay Fire Rescue

  43. Dale – it has been quite a few years since that memorable Xmas you spent at our place feeling so ill – now you are one of the fittest! How inspiring for everyone waiting for an organ donation and for everyone to sign their donor cards – WAY TO GO! We are very very proud of you, of your fellow climbers and the entire team. Come home safely – keep cool and stay warm!
    John, André and Anne

  44. Great job

    Hi Dale and fellow team members
    We wanted to send our congratulations like so many others.

    Team work will overcome all obstacles when we work together. We are so happy your decent is underway or could be completed.

    We will call you Dale, when you are home.
    It has been a high, loved reading all the notes
    Great article in the Toronto Star
    Love Wayne Liz Jeff Avery Kerri Jason Taylor and Brooke

  45. So Happy your Alright Auntie Heath!

    Hey Heath,

    Its a relief to hear that you are doing alright. That was quite an adventure you had for sure!!! I’ve been reading all the blogs and it sounds like you have had an amazing time. I can hardly wait to see the pictures they look incredible so far. The girls and I just got back from dinner with Molly and Pops, they are equally relieved that you are fine. We are heading to Des Moines at 4 am tommorrow morning. It will be nice seeing the cousins and Dave and Carol but will be missing you! Have a safe trip home and looking forward to seeing you in the new year!

    Love you!


    Hi Dr. Ross, Dale and team!!
    You are all truly inspiring!! Thanks for everything you are doing to bring awareness to organ donation and to raise money for research!
    Glad to read that everyone is doing well after some pretty scary moments!!
    Take care!!
    Jennifer Resendes (aka kido)

  47. Congratulations Dale and the team

    Dale, wow, we have so enjoyed following your journey to Antarctica. What an example you are for organ transplant recipients. You and your team must be thrilled with your accomplishments. We in Thunder Bay can’t wait to hear the stories. Stay safe and we’ll see you soon back in Thunder Bay.

    Caryn & Ian

  48. Congratulations

    Holy-Moly…what a team! We’re relieved you’re OK, Dr. Heather and so inspired by all that’s been accomplished. Dale, everything that’s been accomplished both in the last eight years and in the past few weeks, is a testimony to who you are…one terrific guy! Safe home. Peter and Rosanne

  49. Dr. Heather Ross, Dale and All Antarctic Team 06

    Congratulations to ALL:
    Heather, what an experience, YOU ARE AN INSPIRATION TO LIFE. Dale, YOU ARE AMAZING. Donna and I have been keeping up with the blog througout the trip. We want to say congratulations to all and have a safe trip home. Our prayers are with you all the way. Your old roomate at TGH in 98.

    Bob and Donna

  50. Sorry that my congrats I sentlast night didn’t seem to get through to you but my heart is brimming with happiness for all of you.see you all soon I hope. Love Peg

  51. ho ho

    Dear Ian and fellow comrades,
    My eggnog is almost as famous as the cheese biscuits and Iwould be thrilled to share!!The escort service from #57 is very young and very attractive so hurry home!!!All joking aside this has been an amazing adventure to read and your team has been fabulous–Heather’s message after her ordeal was so complimentary of her team–truly a tribute to all of you and quite breathtaking so safe descent and clear calm skies-merry merry to one and all –cofratulations in a great feat-maybe golf will have a renewed appeal!!!-MSL

  52. Amazing Accomplishment!!!!!

    Dale and Fellow Climbers,
    We’re ecstatic about your accomplishment and spreading the word to absolutely everyone we know!
    Well done!!!
    Sue, Bill, Sara & Sean

  53. climb that mountain

    congratulations to the whole team .you guys are tops to me.your trip to climb that mountain was astounding and i enjoyed every reading every one of your reports.have a great trip north bound home and best wishes for christmas and new year

    laurie thunder bay still no capitals

  54. Speechless..and grateful

    Reading this chapter of the trek caught us by surprise – confirming the truth of “it ain’t over til it’s over”. we will continue our prayers for a safe return and specifically add “back home.

    From this arm chair participant-thanks for doing the heavy lifting and sharing the story real time. Hopefully the new community of “blog readers” will carry on in support of your vision and spread the word.

    Ian this family at 51 Oriole Gardens is proud of you and grateful for your safe return.

    Dona Bill Perry and Claire

  55. frozen fingers

    When I try to write I’m stumped. It’s such a huge effort with such huge results and it was all straight from the heart. It’s coming to the close of the trip, but the beginning of another one I’m sure, with the celebrations and impact on awareness of organ donation. You are all great role models and represent the best we can be.Now hurry home to those who love you.

  56. Dale Dale Dale!

    A classy finish! Less was never expected.
    I’ve had some time to follow the progress and it’s been much more than inspiring.
    Bring Al some of that therapeutic snow – not a lot adorning the Giant yet.
    Congratulations to the entire team!
    See you in TBay soon.


  57. Hi Dale,
    Those many years ago at PAG and I first met you, who could have imagined this. Trust and teamwork has made your “regular life” and this a reality. Wonderful! May all of you have a blessed Christmas wherever you are on your journey.
    Ed L

  58. Heather and team only one word, WOW!!! Safe travels home and look forward to more pictures and more stories

  59. Congratulations

    Congratulations to all of you!

    I first heard about your expedition from an article in one of the Toronto papers. I’ve been following your progress on your daily blogs. I had my fingers crossed while you waited (and waited) for the weather to clear for the flight to Antarctica.

    Congratulations on your successes – as individuals and as a team. It really was inspiring.

    Rob Harris

  60. Heather, so glad to hear you are safe and sound, and that you saw the summit flag. Man, logging on to your site each day has been like our advent caldendar…but way better! Merry Chiistmas (hope you can treat yourself to a triple vente).

    Heather and Eric

  61. Hi All

    Hi Dale and All
    I am sorry you won’t be able to make it back for Christmas Dale, but, don’t worry Bill Lynch has offered to go to your house. LOL.
    You are an inspiration to all of us here and nothing short of amazing. Looking forward to seeing you and talking with you when you get back. Hopefully not in Gravenhurst though.

    Tom Young

  62. Hi Guys… Summit is optional, succes is mandatory…. You remember that one Heather…. Hi do. Happy that every one will come back nice and save. Every thing is about accepting you limits and live with them.
    I wish I could have been there with you guys and no I can’t say Next times bring me with you just like Heather did 5 Yers ago when she came with us on Sajama. Have a great trip back home ejoy every momentof it.
    Say hi to Yannick
    Sylvain Bédard
    First heart transplant recipient to reach 6000m

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