Saturday’s climb: Headwall

Well, it was quite the day.  We hiked up to high camp – about 4 km distance, 800m or approx 3000 feet of elevation.  It is through a heavily crevassed glacier.  We took up food and fuel for the camp which we hope to move to tomorrow – depending on how everyone is doing.  Arrived back at our established camp at 10 pm, after 7.5 hours of climbing.  Ian had soup on and snow walls built around the entire camp.

The peak altitude today was over 12000 feet, a personal best for both Dale and Pat.

Everyone is doing well and the weather has been holding for us, -30 in the shade and at night and warm under the sun.

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  1. Sasquatch?


    Was getting a bit worried there with no posts for 2 days. Knew you were busy and probably tired at the end of your days. Sorry I missed your call…was out walking the dogs. I could have kicked myself! I can see from the pic that your hair seems to be holding up well and that lovely silk scarf compliments your ensemble nicely. But……LOOK OUT BEHIND YOU !! there’s a sasquatch trying to catch up with you! All is well at this end. Will probably go to Collingwood for xmas. Rest up for summit day… I expect it will be a long one.

    Much Love


  2. Pat

    Great to see a picture of you. Yanick needs a shave! Hope you are feeling good and will get enough rest as you anticipate the climb to the summit. We are with you all the way. Go for it!!
    Much love

  3. Almost on Top!

    Hi Tish and Team,
    So glad to get an update. The view looks incredible. Enjoy the summit. I saw the premier on Saturday night. He bought all the girls a round at the bar. i gave him an update on your climb. Kind of funny to see him out at the Martini Bar. Gerry got the grand chuckle out of that. Sending you lots of love and encouragement.

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