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  1. It is amazing that you can type at -30C. It is fascinating reading your blogs so please keep them coming. We are sort of curious if Ian’s electronic gizmos are still functioning. I’ll bet Apple will pay a lot for a picture of a black IPod at the top of the Vinson with these incredible backgrounds.

    Good luck.


  2. hi

    hey doc. i,ve been following your blogs glad you all managed to get on the mountain. it looks really breathtaking.good luck and tell everyone to take care. jim pembleton

  3. Dale and team

    Hi Dale,
    I have my national geographic world maps studying the area you’re in and finding out that the american mountaineers expedition climbed mount vinson massif in december 1966 , your same month, the first to climb vinson. Also, some news on that DC-6 tail . I flew in that sucker also in 1966 to Europe and back with the U.S. airforce. I never thought the top of the tail was that big…..brings back lots of memories. That plane still used today in fighting forest fires. Meanwhile, your maps eliminate my searching more. Keep the spirit and don’t forget, have fun . Nelson hip…hip…hurry???????????

  4. oxygen saturation and clever plots

    Hi Pat and the rest of the team -Heather and gentlemen- great the weather is fine and you are making such good progress..Headwall soon conquered I hope…hhmmmmmm – maybe all that delay at PA and PH was a most cleverly orchestrated plot to get us all hooked on this blog and bursting with anticipation and frustration!!! What a relief and delight for it all to be unfolding beautifully now. Good to hear Dale’s O2 sats are 97…quite neat and wierd and eerie and wonderful to think your team really has a silent,invisible but solid and reliable and very special extra member.i.e. the Donor’s Heart. Also neat to think that though this is not a first ascent, Dale and his heart may well go down in the history books with the uber famous (Heinrich Harrer-first ascent of the notorious northface of the Eiger 1938, Maurice Herzog-first ascent of Annapurna and first 8000 meter peak 1950-2 years before Hiliary on Everest Etc. etc.etc!) Pat we just had our Dept. Christmas party at U of T’s Faculty club..nice venue, good service and good food..but surroundings did not compare to the photos here!!-so keep the photos coming. And food not up to Ladies tea you and Helen hosted,so thanks** to the CVICU nurse/chef/caterer par excellence..can’t remember her name but I have a mental image which includes an immaculate chef’s white jacket and heavy duty running shoes! ** I “see” the CVICU nurses on the blog along with Firemen and most of Thunderbay and Eric Goldszmidt etc. Lots of Love Pat.Be safe,good luck, good weather and success to all xxxxoooo,mary ellen

  5. Checking in!

    Hi Tish and Team,
    I have not seen an update since Friday. By the look of your map you should be soon tackling the summit. I hope that everyone is well and safe.
    If any of the other support networks out there on this blog have any new news since Friday please let us know.
    In my thoughts and prayers.

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