Thursday evening, Mt. Vinson.

We got the call this morning that we were off to Vinson. We packed up and took the Twin Otter for a 55 minute ride to Vinson base camp – it is overwhelmingly beautiful. We split the gear and loaded the sleds, then 5 hours 600m elevation gain to ‘corner camp’. We have set up here for the night to sleep at the feet of the giant! The view is spectacular – location location location.

What can I say? Everyone is well and strong – carrying on average 30-35 lbs and pulling 50-70 lbs on the sled. Dale is cooking tonight – soup, and then no doubt Pat will cook up the main course; after all, she is the trip chef. I wish everyone had the opportunity to see what we are seeing. It is so surreal. Somehow all of the waiting, excrutiating though it was, was worth it! 

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  1. Safe Climb

    Great to hear you are finally going to start your long anticipated trek. We can just imagine how the wait was. We get up every morning and log in to see if you made it yet. Have a safe climb we will be following you all the way!!!!!

    Glenn & Val Thomson

  2. Dear Dale

    Glad to see you are doing well and on the move. Have been out in the workshop making more “kindling” for you and Peg to use. Take care and see you soon. Chris

  3. Thank you!

    Between the notes you write and the pictures you send, we feel like we’re there! Thank you for sharing this trip so closely with us!!!

    We’re so excited for all of you. Be well.

    S&D Slupeiks

  4. Happy Trails to you!

    Awhh…Now at corner camp! Way to go. Talk about burning up the calories and conditioning! Our best to you Dale, Dr Ross and everyone on the team! Go get that mountain!! Love Billy and Betty Allison

  5. WOW!

    Can’t really come up with a more descriptive word!! If the photo looks like that , absolutely cannot imagine what it feels like to be in it and surrounded by it . It looks so serene, and so majestic , almost unreal.
    How is Dale feeling in the new altitude?
    p.s. My mother has now taken out the rosary ( it’s a Catholic thing, maybe even an Italian Catholic thing) and is fullout praying for you and your team…) I almost dropped the phone howling when she announced this!
    She says hi to the Dottoressa!
    Enjoy the journey!

  6. Thanks for the updates!

    Hello Tish and Team,
    Thanks so much for all the communication. Stay safe and enjoy every moment.
    Lots of love,

  7. IAN-lots of compliments on my fancy bracelet as I wend my way thru’ Christmas cocktail circuit–many thanks-keeps your trip front and center for me!!! sounds amazing-bonne chance–MSL

  8. Wo-hoo!

    So happy for you all that you have made it to the mountain. I’ve been watching your journey, sharing it with others along with keeping my fingers crossed for you. The pictures are beautiful, and yet I’m sure they do no justice for what you are actually seeing. Way to go, Dale & Crew! Summit-ho!

    I hope you don’t feel too bad about missing Christmas. Your adventure-of-a-lifetime is touching a lot of people right now. Proud of you all.

    Jodi M. from Thunder Bay

  9. Wow

    We can only imagine the beauty…lucky you – standing at the bottom of the world! Happy Climbing-
    love maureen and gary

  10. Ian’s Trekkies

    Ian and all, We are so captivated and excited to be climbing vicariously in the Antarctic along with the team! The photographs are amazing. Until a few months ago we didn’t even know there were mountains in Antarctica. Thank you for sharing this incredible journey with us. Safe climbing. Love and warm hugs, H,G, M and Em

  11. We are following each footstep

    Hi Dale and fellow team members

    We are following you each day and are so happy you have begun the big climb.
    We can’t imagine the joy you all must feel in being there and living out your dream.
    We send our wishes for a safe climb
    Remember Little by Little, Day by Day
    Love Wayne and Liz

  12. Enjoy , Enjoy ENJOY.. the penguins at John Fisher PS are watching too

    We have reading twice daily. Wonderful news and spectacular photography. Be safe and ENJOY. John Fisher Public School is logging in too !
    Best wishes to the team from Ian, Alexa, Hamish and Innes.

  13. Awesome Pictures

    Dear Dale & Team:

    Oh how I wish I was there doing some photography! – as long as someone else was carrying my pack and I was hitching a ride in one of the sleds! Congratulations on your patience and perseverance – it paid off in spades! Following every step and wishing you all the best.

    Sonny & Susan

  14. What a spectacular scene! I wish I were there with you Heather and witnessed the beauty of our mother nature!

  15. The whitest christmas

    Hi Dad,

    I hear you may get to stay there for christmas. We’ll all miss you, but the worst day on antarctica is better than the best day working. Maybe it’ll be warmer than TBay. Alls well here. Good luck, see you soon.


  16. Shipper

    The boys at James are watching your progress today….way to go…..good luck on the rest of your trek….take lots of pics!
    ps….we’re doing RIBS for lunch today….

    James Station

  17. I think we have half of Port Rowan Following your progress.Keep the pictures coming,we have all of the team in our prayers.Good job “little brother” Love Freddie and Diane

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