8 Replies to “Yanick Picture”

  1. Cute Hat

    Errr would that be a “furry d–k head/hat” ?

    Pleased to see you are all well. You must stick it out for as long as it takes and get up that mountain.

    Tom ( Pat’s husband xoxoxxo)

  2. feathery duck head

    all I know is that it takes quite a man to wear something like that on your head.And it takes quite a confident self assured group to be seen with him.
    Dale and I were on “Ontario today” today.I didnt hear it but lots of people did. Keep up the good work and Heather if you do get to vinson don’t freeze your fingers typing out your stories We dont want to see you come back with 10 little black stumps. we love your stories but we love you more.
    bye Peg

  3. Second Guess

    No wait…. it’s

    “Farcical dufus headpiece”

    No wait… maybe it’s

    “Fancy dendritic hat”

    or maybe

    ” freaky dreadlocked headcover”

    I give up , can I please have some java… straight up… no additions from Ian and Barry.

    Tom ( Husband of Pat xoxoxoxo)

  4. wow

    pictures and words unreal …I am so impressed by your conditioning and courage…..cold as a …..must be hundreds of endings all applicable …..I await with anticipation of your adventure….Lyall

  5. Marc at Yam

    FDH MIGHT it mean fucking dick head?? or maybe fury dick head?

    Anyways, keep up the good work and we will see you soon…



    dave i have taken over your office and soiled everything… LOL

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