The weather is dense clouds again and we were in Patriot Hills for another day; -10, 8/8 cloud, mild wind.

We went for an 18.4 km walk over 4 hours and 23 minutes averaging 4.2 km/hr with packs, to see the remnants of a plane crash, a DC 6 with just the tail sticking out (see photo). It was a wonderful walk. You can’t tell where the land ends and the sky begins, flat light, completely impossible to tell distances. As I listened to the crunch of the snow beneath my boots I started to think about the epic voyages of Scott and Amundsen. What they must have been made of to travel hundreds of miles in this incredibly hostile and unforgiving climate. They didn’t benefit from Ian’s high tech GPS, but still managed.

As we returned to camp the sky opened and the sun came out – perhaps what they call a sucker hole, i.e. a brief break that sucks you in thinking the weather is going to clear, however it doesn’t. Our next briefing is tonight. We are not sure what the ultimate plans will be as who knows when planes will fly!!!!  However we are here and it is a wonderful adventure. 

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  1. Sunscreen

    H: Happy to hear that you can use the words “wonderful” and “-10 degrees” in the same blog….. don’t forget, sunscreen is your friend. take care, vm.

  2. Hoping you get good weather.

    Dale and others,
    We are all hoping you get a break in the weather and that things go well. Great to be able to follow you on the web. You are all in our thoughts.
    Ralph, Patricia and Jessica

  3. Greetings to Dr. Pat Murphy


    Glad to know there is a Newfoundlander on the team. Any rubber boots to burn when it gets cold old friend? Have a coffee with Baileys and stay warm. Tell that Dr. Ross to make some room on the web site for some of the others. It looks like she is not the only one on the expedition!

    Take care of yourselves. I admire your courage. I prefer the Caribbean!

    Grace and your friends in Virginia

  4. Dec 12th

    Heather – your updates sure out rate CBCs The Hour, and anything else for that matter. In fact, your team should be on it! ABC did live feeds from both the Arctic and Antarctica three weeks ago (Good Morning America) – theme of the piece was Wonders of the World and they had chosen the polar ice caps.
    Hope you get to your climb soon … and thank you to you all for this wonderful effort to raise money for heart disease research.
    Joey Brown


    Dear Dave and all the team,
    It is so great to be able to follow your exciting adventure. I’m addicted to checking the blog. Thanks to Heather for keeping us all up to date. The photos are amazing. You all look happy and well. Hope you’ll soon be able to get to base camp and start your climb.
    Mom and Dad are fine, I’m keeping them up on your progress.
    Good luck, stay safe and well.
    Love Lyn

  6. What an amazing journey you are taking us on!
    Dale are you still planing on being home on the 19th..we must know to plan a proper welcome home to our most famous poster boy!

  7. Canadian Compatriots

    HI Pat: we know from FCC Sept 2005 that Heather is extremely well versed in mountaineering literature, but don’t know if any on your team read Roland Huntford book recommended by Helen V and Sylva B.If not will make a great read when you get back. For the record his take is that Scott was totally inept and deeply insecure and that Shackelton and Amundson are the ones to inspire you and emulate..both better judges of skill & character and better leaders of men-inspiring more loyalty etc. Great Lesson from Shackelton is that he had the courage and wisdom to turn back just 97 miles from the Pole having made an incredible advance of 360 miles on prior “furthest south” record and incidentally pioneering route Scott was merely to follow 2years later. Great Lesson from Amundson is that years of preparation and amazing attention to detail made his tougher new route a winning safe success.SO maybe THIS delay is a blessing. After days at sea level in PA a little more altitude to acclimatize to and a little more team practice on crampons & ice plus leaky mattresses get sorted out on the flat and not on 60 degree slope in thin air! All a “good thing” and that’s Martha Stewart!..how did she get here??!..must be time to sign off for now! Lots of love Pat.Good Luck a la Pat McN. & Good Fun to all,mary ellen

  8. Dale, star of radio and T.V.

    Dear Dale Greetings from T.Bay, was out of town for a week and have just now read all the high drama and low comedy of your eventual departure. Dale you should be quite used to that from work, remember? hurry up and wait and then the big rush when we would get a call. Your T.V piece that you did with Amanda Bay made it to the National one night last week.It was very good and almost 5 minutes long. Showed you hiking and working around the station. It also showed you helping load a hosebed,hey buddy you know the rules!Once you wear the light blue shirt you forget how to do all that stuff. Will visit the site to keep updated with my morning coffee. Hope all is going well and that you and your party keep healthy and safe, look forward to seeing you when you return. Chris

  9. Auntie Pat

    Auntie Pat,
    As we looked at the globe again last night Sarah pointed the route that you had to fly from Toronto to where you are now…smart child! They hope that the penguins are as friendly as the ones from Happy Feet. Jonathan has given us a real education on all types of penguins and Sarah is quick to point out that Santa is on the other end of the earth. We love seeing the picutures and hope that everyone is enjoying your experience. Stay safe. Love you,
    Eileen, Mark, Jonathan and Sarah
    PS I signed up for the 1/2 marathon for February. Thanks for giving me the courage to brave the cold. xoxo

  10. We’re Captivated!

    Dr. Ross, we cannot get your updates fast enough! We feel like we’re right there with you all. I sure hope you plan to write a book about your adventures when you all return safe and sound. Ya, I know, in your spare time…:)

    Sandra and Danny Slupeiks

  11. Hey Dad

    Still waiting? It’s wed today so you may have headed out. The light looks flat there? Remember skiing at Sunshine with that kind of light? We didn’t know which way was up. Hopfully things are good, you’re having fun, and you get to put all that slick gear to use. I heard you were out in a tshirt the other day.


    1. Re: Hey Dad

      How are you doing?
      Haven’t chatted in awhile. Great to hear about your Dad.
      I’m getting all the people here at the TD Bank branch to follow the journey.


  12. Ian Delaey

    Hey Dad,
    Nice to hear you’re doing well, too bad about your air mattress though (ha, ha). We figured you might not make it back for Christmas, but we’ll keep our fingers crossed, otherwise we’ll have to return all your prezzies (ha, ha).

    Good luck with the rest of trip, be safe and all the best.

    Mike and Karyn

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