Patriot Hills

We had our first night on the Antarctic. It took some getting used to with all the light streaming in from everywhere. Ian’s air mattress blew a leak but was easily repaired and managed to stay inflated for the duration of the night .

This morning we heard there was a big system in at Mt. Vinson and we would not be flying out today – next check tonight at 8 pm. We  strapped on our crampons, crossed the airstrip of blue ice and headed out to Patriot HillsDale is the first heart transplant patient to summit Patriot Hills to our knowledge!!!!!!

What a great day – 6 hours later and we are enjoying soup – Dale and Pat’s efforts were very tasty.

We await the word tonight about whether we will get to Mt. Vinson Base Camp. 

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    Sounds like it is going extremely well…
    How far is it from Patriot Hills to Mt. Vinson Base Camp?

  2. Patriot Hills ^ o ^

    That is a good question, I know that it is located about 1800 miles from the nearest city.But im not sure how far from Vinson either, prb depends on the route that is set out.

  3. Good Luck

    We just wanted to drop a line to wish everyone (especially Mr. Shippam) well on your quest. It’s inspiring to see such determination. All the best and stay safe.

    P.S. Wayne is pretty jealous…..good luck

    Kurt Gagain
    Timmins Firefighters
    Local 535
    Timmins, Ontario

  4. Heath,

    Glad to hear that you are making progress on the trip. Must be nice to begin to acclimatize to the conditions. Hopefully the weather will settle down and give you all a decent window for your climb. Love D&C

  5. Technology

    Wow!! I can’t believe that the team can still communicate. It must be something else to light continously, The blue air strip sounds beautiful. You are all so brave and courageous. Glad to hear that my sis Tish is even a great cook in the cold. Your spirits sound great and am so happy that you are there. Enjoy every moment you deserve it. With you every step on the way.
    Lots of love,
    Woodfords and Murphys

  6. Heath
    are you all warm enough? – I don’t want to feel guilty everynight when I put on my electric blanket and my bean bags from the microwave
    Love M&D

  7. let the good times roll

    Hey Heath!
    congrats on your first (but of course not the last ) successful climb in Antarctica-Let the fun begin. It sure looks like pretty cool hiking(operative word being cool) hang tough


  8. Beautiful and barren – a note from the O’Neills

    Dear Dale and team:

    Fantastic photography – thank you so much for letting us share in on your view and journey! Continuing to stay closely linked via this website – keep the connections, everyone is checking once, twice, 3 times a day. Stay cool and keep warm!
    John, Anne and André.

  9. Hi Dale, Heather and Team

    Glad to hear you are now on your way. Donna and I are keeping a close check on your progress. We know you will do it. Stay safe and have fun. Our prayers are with you all the way. Your OLD roomate at TGH in 1998.

  10. Dale and Team

    It is good to see you are finally on Antarctica. Take care and enjoy the climb. We look forward to seeing the pictures. Glen and Grace

  11. Food and Flight

    Hi Pat and teamates – or should that be comPATRIOTS! Glad to hear you are maintaining your reputation as a gourmet cook serving nutritious and delicious fare with Dale even if ??!freeze dried. Just did the calculation.. about those fabled Canadian Twin was 35 years and 5 months ago that I took my first flight in a Twin Otter in what is now Nunavut..they were already old warhorses and legends for their reliabilty and durability in our Arctic. I next flew in one 27 years ago in China. …hope “yours” has been really,really well maintained!!! Best Wishes to all for fun and spectacular views (photos are great) on the next airborne leg of the journey..then onward and upward on those classy, chic, crampons! xxoo, mary ellen

  12. Dale and fellow trekkers

    We’re pulling for you every step of the way! Watch your progress daily. Continued success with the journey.
    Rosanne and Peter

  13. One Leg Up


    Great to hear you have finally made it to the “big burg.”

    Was going to put my crampons on as well, but realized I don’t even know what they were – let alone have them.

    To quote the words of a wise, old & experienced mountain climber “It’s all up-hill from here.”

    Best wishes on the climb.

    Geri & Ellis

  14. Ian’s Trekkies

    Ian and all,

    Congratulations on completing the first BIG test of this amazing journey…Patience, and landing safely at Patriot Hills. The photos are fantastic, your spirits sounds upbeat, food and accommodations (Antarctic A +), fashion…warm. Keep those updates coming. We are so proud of what this team has already accommplished. Love and hugs, Helen, Gary, Meaghan and Emily

  15. Hello to Heather and Team!

    Hey it’s AG!

    I guess I should have gotten you a sleep mask before you left…one that says “Princess” on it. Oh and btw, don’t worry, “nothings up” here in the old office. Everythings A OK boss.

    Take care and I hope the weather gets decent enough for you guys during the whole trip.


  16. Dale and team

    It was a long Sunday waiting for a sign. All we can say is…..AMAZING….and you all look so great. Have a good day. Therese and Nelson


    carol & i have been following your progress with eager anticipation. i look forward to standing in your massive shadow, keep on climbing. p.s. – dale,is it possible that the wayland is not your favorite bar anymore? ’til you return brother, jerome.

  18. thinking that i will never complain about the cold again


    Joe Robert Jr here. Your a long way from Havana (the last time i saw you)! Take care of yourself and I will be following your trek up the mountain (hopefully) with great interest. I think this confirms what my dad has always said about you….that your a bit loco (crazy).


  19. Uncle Dale

    I have just finally found the sight and it is just amazing what you are doing and to see the support in which you are receiving. You are making a difference in people’s lives for the future. It is just amazing what you are trying to accomplish, stay safe and good luck, we will be thinking about you, and merry christmas to everyone and those of the Shippam family, I can only say how proud I am to have an uncle who is doing what he is doing as we speak!

    Bye for now

    Jeff and Avery

  20. Dale

    What an amazing adventure! Brent saw you on ctv with Lloyd – was quite impressed. Keep safe and we’ll follow you on the web. P.S. It’s pouring rain here. The Tuckers

  21. Awesome

    We’re totally in awe of what you and your team are doing; so glad you’re on the trail. Are you typing with your mitts on? Yet another amazing feat! Go girl.

    Heather & Eric

  22. Dale

    hope all is well and that you are able to procede to the base camp today. Peg and I are off to Yoga tonight. The mountain pose has taken on a whole new meaning for me now. take care and best of luck on the next phase of your encredible adventure.

  23. Thank You God

    Hi Dale and Team…we thank God for your safe trip so far and pray for your safe return…great pictures and sure am glad that all is well…looking forward to more pictures and chat…GARY

  24. denissabourin good luck from bert illkeep in tuch

    dale nice to see the pictures looks cold i,mbert brother denis good luck im not good typer

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