Blogging from Antarctica

Well, we are here.

We flew at 33,000 feet in the belly of the great Russian beast.  We visited all parts of the plane — wow, is it neat!  It was a wild flight.  It took 90 seconds for the plane to come to a halt on the ice, bumpy but amazing to be here.

We couldn’t get out to Mt. Vinson tonight.  Weather is socked in there, even though it’s only 200 km away and here we have unlimited visibility.  We have made camp and are drinking hot drinks in the guides tent at Patriot Hills.   The people are lovely, can’t quite get over Yanick and his camera mic which has a decidedly rude shape and has occasioned some interesting nick names. Visited the medical tent and had a good discussion with Dr. John Apps and Ben who is an ER nurse.  All in all feels great to be here. Not too cold; about -10.  The team is doing really well.

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  1. the eagle has landed

    To Dale and Fellow Climbers

    Yippee! We are soooooo glad that you have arrived at your destination. Good luck on the next phase of your adventure.

    Did everyone get their lanudry out of the dryer before you left?

    Cheers Jan and Walt

  2. Note to Heather Ross

    Dear Heather,

    Great news! the mission proceeds and patience has paid off. How incredible to read the journal notes and see the photos. Can’t wait to read the rest. -10 certainly sounds much better -hope that it becomes blue skies.

    Stay safe.

    Pearl Veenema

  3. Great News HJR

    This is truly great news. The patiences paid off. This is so weird, I feel so excited for you all. I will be checking like a mad-man for updates… try to let us know that all is well until you arrive safely back.


  4. Heather and Team

    Wow! Finally there. This is great news! I can bet you are glad to be rid of Zamfir! Best of luck to you all in the next phase. Stay safe – enjoy the climb..LizP.

  5. Onwards an Upwards

    Clear eyes, Full Heart, Can’t be Beat. Good luck to the team as you start the next phase of your journey.
    Mike Walker

  6. Onwards and Upwards

    Clear eyes, Full Heart, Can’t be Beat. Good luck to the team as you start the next phase of your journey.
    Mike Walker

  7. Great News!

    Dale, we’ve been following your great expedition with great interest. We both find it totally amazing. Cannot imagine the courage and gumption it takes to do something like your doing, but we both know what you are made of and admire the type of person you are. Good luck in the rest of your journey. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Love Brenda and Dave

  8. fantastic!

    Great to here that you made it to the “Ice”.

    Hopefully you’ll be flying to Vinson soon.

    David Begg

  9. Congrats
    One step closer. I’m sitting here smiling, I am so excited for everybody. I too have been checking like a mad woman for the next instalment. It’s like reading a book that some one is writing as you sit there. Only giving you the next chapter as it unfolds.
    Take care.
    Suzanne in CVICU

  10. Heather, Dale and Team

    So glad to hear your persistence in waiting has paid off. Donna and I will be checking for updates as everyone else will be doing. Stay safe and have a wonderful climb. Our prayers our with you all the way. Dale, I know you can do it and of course there is no doubt Heather will. Your roomate in 1998 at TGH.

  11. So excited for you all, have been checking two and three times each day, at last you are on to your next leg.Can’t imagine how excited you all must be.. looking forward to the next part of your journal and the photo’s..Take care and stay safe.


    Heather, you wouldn’t believe the excitement we felt when we read Eileen’s message that you guys were leaving Chile, you would have thought we had just won the lotto!! THANK YOU so much for allowing us to LIVE this adventure with you!! We are so proud to know you!! Enjoy the next leg of the journey….. we look forward to the pictures and updates.
    Teresa & Sandi

  13. happy day!! glad you were able to get going.also glad that cyber space stretches from there to here. somebody has to take a picture of janek in his full head dress and send it along to your adoring followers. Congratulations on the big second step of your journey.

  14. Have fun

    Hi Dad, glad to hear you are on your way. Don’t worry since you supported my travels for some time im happy I can now financially support you as well!…..I put the 10 bucks on your skype account….I hope it worked but let me know if its not on there. Take lots of pictures esp. of the chickens in tuxedos and have fun!
    Love Kate

  15. Great News

    Hi Dale
    Antarctica!!! Wow…you are all there! The weather will clear and you will be climbing soon. Keep your down gear handy and don’t sweat. Stay warm and wear your sun glasses. We are all with you.
    Wish we were there…Al and Mary Ellen

  16. Finalmente!!

    So thrilled that you are there! Must be a completely awesome feeling.. with more to come I’m sure!
    Hopefully the visibility will clear so that you can all enjoy the view.
    Be safe, can’t wait for the photos!!! Can you pose next to a penguin… would make for cute Christmas card LOL ….
    Ciao bella.

  17. Auntie Pat

    I am so glad that you got to go yesterday. I saw the plane that you were in on a web site. It didn’t look very comfortable. The twin otter looks more comfortable. I hope everything goes well and you have fun.
    Love Kyle

  18. You Did It!

    Dear Dale and Team:
    You did it, you did it, you did it! We are so excited for all of you. We too get up every morning and check for updates right away. Oh how we wish we had high speed right now! If it is so exciting for us back here, we can only imagine what it’s like for you!
    Take care and ENJOY!
    Sonny & Susan

  19. Pat and team

    We were so excited to get the news. I can’t imagine what its like to walk around on the ice in Antarctica. Incredible. Enjoy every minute. Lots of love, Debi, Henry and Kyle

  20. Glad to hear….from Newfoundland

    Some glad to get the news that you did not have to turn around. -10 does not sound too bad at all. Stay safe and warm. Enjoy every moment team as this is a trip of a life time. Lots of love,
    Eileen, Mark, Jonathan and Sarah

  21. Congratulations!

    Heather and Team; wonderful and exciting news that you’ve arrived safe and sound. enjoy, be safe and take care. Vaska

  22. we’re watching and waiting……

    Glad to hear you all made it down to P.H. safe and sound. Hopefully you will be on your way to Mt Vinson soon. Interestingly, this morning’s Global News was featuring a Canadian Co that offers tours in Antarctica (for those who prefer to stay a little closer to sea level)……the footage was just stunning. Can’t wait to see your pictures of the White Continent and hear your stories of the ‘wait’ and the ‘flight’. Wishing you all great conditions for a successful climb. Be safe. Stay sane! edl

  23. You made it!

    Hey dad,
    So you made it. -10 eh? Not so bad. How are the legs? Ready to go? I’ve been teaching the “rest step” to everyone around the office. Caught a bunch of Walleye yesterday. I’ll bring it home at Christmas.
    The volvo needs rear pads and calipers. Have fun guys.

  24. Antartica

    Heather and team,
    I can only imagine your excitement being in the Antartic. The echo lab is closely following your progress. The amazing thing is I know you are totally enjoying this journey and its twists and turns. Stay strong. I can’t wait for the pictures,and to hear the stories over cow and grape. Dave is leading the cheering squad from Cleveland.
    gillian, phyllis, lisa

  25. touch down!

    Well done guys! I must say I am a bit suprised it only took 90 seconds to come to a stop on the ice, cause for some reason I had it figured to take considerably longer. Glad you’re finally there. Minus 10 ain’t bad…….

  26. Hi Pat,
    I keep trying to send a message but haven’t figured out the intricacies of blogging. It sounds like you have an excited nephew monitoring your progress. I don’t envy you the luxury plane ride but am glad it is warm on the continent. Take care – everyone anxiously awaits your return, especially as we become more short-staffed on a daily basis. GOOD LUCK!
    Pat Mc

  27. Now it is the REAL DEAL!!!

    Hi Heather and team. I am glad you made it 😉 After all this energy and work it is time to face Mt. Vinson.. Finally!!! Again, above all, I wish you guys have a save expedition. The fun part will come with it and I know that now it is the real beginning. After being sooo patient it’s time for the real deal 😉
    We will be closely following everything from here.

    Good Luck! All the best!!!


    PS: minus 10 Celsius… Just like last week here… !! LOL

  28. Hi Pat,
    Excellent!!! so excited for you. We’re all following you closely and keeping each other updated. Hang in there and stay safe. Hope the weather holds (I need a hot chocolate just thinking about it). GOOD LUCK!!

    Lisa Bahrey

  29. Yo Dale And Friends You’ve reached Step…. ?

    While reading all of the previous entries I was trying to think of something very deep and profound.. All I could come up with was WOOO HOOO! no make that double WOOO HOOO! and the opening theme from Chariots of Fire. Best of Luck and weather.
    Doug H (Retired)

  30. Yahoo!

    Dear Dale, Dr. Ross and everyone on the team,

    On behalf of everyone here at Trillium Gift of Life Network we are so happy that you were able to fly out and take the next step on your incredible journey.

    Although a 90 second landing sounds terrifying to me – I’m sure you were all so elated to finally be on your way.

    We’ve been visiting the blog every day and we’re thinking of you and wishing you the best!

    Have a great climb,

    Cailey and all your friends at TGLN!

  31. What a way to fly!

    I guess there were no upgrades available for a business class seat on that plane! Can’t say I would ever have pictured you on this plane. What song did you sing during that flight? Cheering you on! YOU GO GIRL!!!

  32. Great news

    It’s good to hear that you are finally on your way to reaching your goal. Good luck to the entire team and we’re cheering for you all the way Mr. D. Let’s see your new Canon in action and send us some pics back to the office (hopefully the uplink is working as planned).

  33. dale and the ice lovers

    Thanx soo much for the pics..can hardly wait to see Mt. VM…saw Happy Feet with Austin last nite just to stay in the “penguin spirit”
    keep movin’…love fitz et al

  34. Greetings from Kenora

    What a great adventure. I hope that you have tremendous success and loads of fun as you continue your journey. Sometimes waiting is the hardest part of any trip. Hopefully that is finished for you now.

    A special hello to Dale. Our prayers and thoughts are with you and your team as we sit comfortably in our livingrooms watching hockey night in Canada (and endless reruns of Dicken’s “A Christmas Carol”).

    Ray and Linda

  35. Still in P. H.

    Hello all interested parties. Just got off the phone from the office in P. A. They report that our merry crew are still at P. H. base as the weather there and at the mountain still does not permit flight. This, as of about 1200 E.S.T., 11/12/06. I guess they’re all at the library or in the cook tent partying or digging snow caves ( ? making snowmen?) Best wishes and lots of love to our intrepid band of adventurers…. Pat, Dale, Heather, Ian, Barry, Dave, and Janick

    Tom ( Pat’s Husband – xoxoxo)

  36. Yaaaay for you!

    Glad to hear the weather finally opened up for you and you are now in striking distance. Good luck for the rest of the way. Mal and Joy Sharp

  37. Hey Dale,

    Yippee you’re there!!! I can now brag about you’re being there ’cause you’re really there not just sort of. I’d go to the Antartic to get away from Zamfir too. Hope the fashion police don’t show up though. Imagine you wearing dirty clothes??!!! Have a ball everyone – it’s a once in a lifetime kind of thing!!! (Not in my lifetime mind you.)

    Take care of yourself – love from your favorite sister in law (that’s Jane)

  38. Shipper

    Dear Shipper..Stop
    Perhaps a paradigm shift and not a change of heart would serve you well…STOP
    Fire your travel agent…STOP
    If its great weather your pining for the skies are blue this time of year in Phoenix, Arizona…STOP
    If your looking to get high…Bourbon Street in now a happenin..STOP
    If you want an in sur Mountable challenge travel on up from Peg’s ankle to her forbidden pinnacles and have her agree to it…STOP
    Or better yet…STOP
    Have her ask for it …STOP
    “Climb me now”…STOP
    Go Newheart Go..STOP
    Chow for now…Wease..STOP

  39. Congratulations from the cath lab

    Hey Heather,

    In between cases at the Western cath lab…we’re all glad to see that you guys made it to Antarctica at long last! Good luck as you approach the climb…keep safe, and we eagerly anticipate all the stories when you return!

    Paul (G), Eduardo (A), and Doug (Ing)

  40. Greetings

    To Heather and Team
    So happy to see your dreams finally materializing. Keep safe. Dale, Mr. Mahoney sends his greetings to you. This is so exciting. It is like reading a really good book. I look forward to the next chapter

  41. wow

    All of you are inspirational. I hope the snoring winds of Antarctica(or Dale) aren’t keeping anyone up at night. Take care.
    Jamie and Staci

    ps. Dad I will be heading to Nigeria on Wed the 12th, but I will be able to continue tracking your progress

  42. wow

    its amazing that anyone could do what you guys are doing, let alone someone without their own heart. You guys are doing great. Good luck and Merry Christmas

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