Saturday update

Well…. for those of you who have seen Groundhog Day with Bill Murray, you will appreciate how our days are progressing here with the Chilean version…….no 6:30 call.

Breakfast in the hotel, they are playing Zamfir for the 3rd straight day – the look on Ian`s face alone is worth it, especially when the  Christmas carols start again.

We have come to know all the other teams that are waiting each with their own interesting story to tell and reason for being here.

Today is laundry day. As Dale says, he is not only out of clean clothes but he is out of dirty clothes as well!

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  1. Hello Antarctica Team!

    All of UHN is so proud of what you have already accomplished…..raising awarenesss of heart failure and organ donation alone is huge!

    So, three cheers for the Antarctica Team….Hip Hip Hurray!!! (x3)
    Everyone at UHN

  2. Dr. Ross. Are you trying to tell us that the entertainment there dosen’t compare to the enterainment that we hear at the GLADSTONE??? Which in me opinion that was an excellent.!!!


    Brian & Susan

  3. marginal donors

    I just can’t believe that you guys havent found a karioke machine or some chilean who can strum a few tunes and turned shacklton’s bar into a night at the Drake. We could get live feed with Janick. I think a really good rock and roll night would be great fun for all of us sitting around waiting for you guys to give us something to talk about.Put Dale on the drums or maybe a backup singer. Keep the updates coming ,they’re great.

  4. Keep the updates coming…theyare great.

    Keep the updates coming…they are great.
    I love the spam test.

  5. Hi Pat (and Heather and all the guys!)…well patience is a virtue as they say..good thing you’re an anaesthetist Pat and not a you know what (WHOOPS sorry TOM!). FCC has you scheduled to talk in April..we know you’ll all be back safe and sound by then!..but would you like three slots..we’re a good & adoring audience- we can listen to the stories of all the other teams and everything one could possibly want to know about Punta Arenas, as well as your team climb. There must be a reason behind this delay..perhaps you are waiting til there is a rare and wonderful total remission in those Katabatic winds so both the climb and the view will be absolutely glorious. Enjoying the daily blog and comments. Fingers crossed for lift off soon and smooth landings on the blue ice and happy climbing to all. Lots of Love Pat, mary ellen

  6. Hang in there

    As our Leader, we are hoping for you,ONE WAY OR THE OTHER. There is always tomorrow for all of us !!
    Jackie (Kiddo) Lamothe & Dieter.


    ZAMFIR FOR 3 DAYS!! Now your patience is truly being tested!!
    Hang in there, we know you’ll be climbing soon (if not Vinson, the walls!!!)
    Anxiously awaiting your next entry, Teresa and Sandi

  8. delay

    Hi everybody,

    Just to let you know that I’m sitting here in NZ with crossed fingers and am frantically touching wood and doing anything else i can to see the wx change to what you need.

    Very best wishes,
    David Begg

    PS having very mixed wx here too with a cold and wet camp in sleet/snow just the other night.


    I was awoken this morning by my sister, Patricia, who was so excited. They were leaving in 20 minutes. They are going to try and land but may have to turn around. The winds have died down so they had a window of opportunity. This blog has been a great communication tool so I thought to post a note to let all their supporters know that it has been lift off. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that they are able to land. Now it is waiting and praying time and of course sleepless nights. My heart is with them and I know it will keep my sister warm. God Bless them all and keep them safe.


      God bless and keep them all safe and all good things come of waiting thanks for letting us know Eileen margaret ford

  10. Onward

    Suggest you have Delaney practice the heroic farewell on the Scott Expedition by Oates (“I am just going outside, and I may be some time”), , send him off on his own to represent the team, regardless of the weather, and assure him that succession plans at Sherritt and other parts of his empire are in good hands.
    That way, he’ll get a posthumous knighthood, and K will become Lady Kiki, and the team will deservedly be immortalised.
    signed barely anonymous, on behalf of Kiki and supporters

  11. Buenos Dias, sending some good luck and good weather from Ottawa. We are living our present lives vicariously through your adventures, may the clouds clear so our mundane lives will cease to be so boring.
    Jamie & Staci

  12. Ian

    Hope you get off today! Glad you have Ian at your place. I suspect he would be rather cross at this weeks board meetings in cold Calgary and Edmonton. I have some neat photos of penguins but I guess you have had enough of them. Best wishes. Neil and Blanche


    Have been following your progress with great interest ever since you have left.
    Whoever said ” PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE ” never been to Antartica.
    Shall have a word or two with “MURPHY”
    Keep well and stay well.
    Best regards.
    Jacques Lantagne

  14. Keep your spirits up!

    Ruth & Joe Robert send their best to all of you especially our friend,Ian, & hope that all of your efforts come to fruition soon.It was a lot warmer in Cuba,Ian, but not nearly as rugged living conditions.
    Good luck & looking forward to seeing you.

  15. Dale’s clothes

    I can’t believe Dale is worried about clothes dirty or otherwise. When he’s at the fire hall he’s always running around with no clothes on, showing off his famous scar, at least that’s what I think he’s trying to show us ( some people will do anything for attention). Dale! you have fun, lazing around in the sun and snow, drinking champagne and eating caviar, while I slog away everyday at work ( hard work ) eating my meagre meals, dreaming about how I too, would like to see the world! I got a hangnail does that not count for anything?

    P.S Keep your eyes peeled for Dinosaur fossils ( a muttaburrasura or perhaps a koolasuchus ).

    Take care
    Garry B.

  16. DALE

    The excitement is rising. You’d think we’re the ones going on this adventure. Good luck to all. We’ll keep ou fingers crossed. Lots of love Mr. Shippam. Therese and Nelson

  17. dale and the other eagles

    wow! my heart soars!!actually i think i may be in the “stroke zone” from the tension..i do hope Eileen or someone posts the minute you hear any news! love and happy trails..fitz et al

  18. catching the wave

    patience & being humble, knowing that Mother nature rules. When “she” decides the time is right then and only then can that coiled spring be unleashed.
    This is when one’s strength of mind must rule and Ms Ross that is a Quality that you pocess in abundance

    With Respect

    Anthony Nolan

  19. Heather -hoping your experiencing the cold of Antarctica!

    Hey Heather. Your mom and dad were just over for Sunday lunch and we were thinking of you. Hope you’re in Antarctica reading this note- the message this morning sounded positive. Good luck, stay safe and don’t forget to take a nice picture from the top of the mountain… vm

  20. Hey Dale

    The skies finally opened and the winds ceased to let you fly out! We are following your blog daily and wish you all the best. We’re still looking forward to pizza from your wood fired oven at Sibley. Keep well, Ines and Bob Hindman

  21. This is all so incredibly exciting, Heather, and we ‘couch potatoes’ are living vicariously through you. Our thoughts and prayers are with you! Warmest wishes, Trudy

  22. Patience is a virtue!!

    Hi Heather,

    Liked the groundhog day reference…good to see that despite the frustrating waiting the old sense of humor remains intact! Caught your radio interview on the CBC the morning that you left…good job handling some pretty difficult questions. Anyway, best of luck with the climb,and here’s hoping you guys get on your way soon. All of us residents are following on-line and pulling for you!


  23. From one mountaineer to another

    Ian and the team, It is extraordinary to follow this journey and even more extraordinary via the internet. Best wishes and good luck. Robert Kearns

  24. Ian What will you do for an encore

    We read the daily entries and follow the progress of this amazing trek. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your colleagues. Good luck and safe return. Can’t wait to hear the stories and see the pictures.

    All the best,

    Dona Bill Perry and Claire Schultz

  25. You Got There

    Well done! Thought for awhile the worst might be realized with hotel hopping along way from the mountain.

  26. Dirty Laundry

    This trip in awe inspiring & purposeful. My sister in lsw, Jurate Foran was a heart recipient 2 yrs. ago & Dr. Ross is the Doctor who saved her life. Jurate suffers from Amyliodosis and is now healthy, vibrant and actively participating in raising & caring for her family, celebrating the gift of LIFE!! This expedition is an example of the courage and the expertise of the Doctors who dedicate their lives to saving the lives of others. However, I love the fact the “dirty laundry” is the everyday complaint of every Mother & Dale is suffering from wearing dirty underwear creating a major calamity in his daily life – welcome to the “world of reality”!! You’ve come a long way so do not let hard, dirty socks that are walking by themselves be the only complaint of the day! I’m having fun with that!! Celebrate dirty laundry! Hang to freeze in the Arctic wind and sunny skies! Linda Blair Ohio

  27. Congratulations on arriving Cant wait to see the pics from the summit Dale, good luck to you and the gang. Thinking about you. Enjoy, Darcy

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