Weather: 8 degrees, cloudy, very windy
Shippam Shape: as usual, excellent

Update: Made some last minute purchases including some cheese and meat jerkey bought today. Packs completed, and duffel for the sleds organized with group gear and food.

The major outing of the day was to go visit the penguins – there is a colony about 45 minute boat ride out. There are 150,000 penguins on the island – remarkable to see and walk amongst them. They have burrowed their homes into the dirt and made nests with dried grass. Nothing really on the island except a lighthouse and the 150,000 penguins!

Yanick, the last team member, arrives tonight at airport. Tomorrow we have our briefing (formal) for the trip. We must have all of our gear good to go in the morning – then we don’t get to see it again until the plane lands at Patriot Hills – regardless of how many days we may be delayed. This requires very careful planned packing. What we wear on the plane is what we get off the plane and start the adventure in – no Four Seasons to hole up for a night prior to starting out. Everyone is sorting through those logistics tonight.


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  1. friday

    hey heath!
    spent the evening showing the girls the plan for the climb and the present weather. they were suprised to see what you will be dealing with. but we know you have the capabilites to deal with this stuff. nice to see you had to deal with peguins cause I think penguins are very cool….hope today was cool….

  2. Hello from Halifax


    When I look at these pics you guys have posted, it makes me wish I was there.It really reminds me of the great time I had preparing for the Antarctica 06′ climb through the year of 05.I really enjoyed the climb in Alberta, and know that Dave and Barry are a great touring force to the team!.When you reach the top of Vinson throw a snowball off of it!, cause that is what I was going to do lol!.Best of luck, and Heather when you get back I have an idea to do a 24hr spinathon that will involve “Don Cherry”.

  3. To Dave from his sister

    Hi Dave,
    We’ll be watching your progress closely, and giving Mom and Dad an update. Good luck to all the team, stay safe and well.
    All our love and best wishes for a great climb,
    Lyn, Dave, Mike, Jill and Matt

  4. Hello From Oakville Ontario

    Way to go Dr. Ross and her team. Good luck and enjoy the journey! Dale, you are an inspiration to us all! Take care.

    Bill (heart recipient) and Betty Allison

  5. March of the Medics

    Hi Dr. Ross:

    Michael and I have been following your preparations with great interest and want to wish you and your team the best of luck as you begin your ascent. Having recently watched “March of the Penguins”, we can visualize your surroundings. We hope that weather conditions remain good while you climb. If anyone can do this, it will be YOU!
    Take care.

    Mel and Michael Hinch


    Hi Heather, we are enthusiastically tracking your adventure and wish you and the team a safe and memorable journey. By the way, how much sodium is in that cheese and meat jerky?!?!?!?
    Good Luck from Teresa and Sandi

  7. Hey Dale

    We’re following your adventure and wish you good weather and lots of energy and spirit to reach the summit. If anyone can do it, you can. Looking forward to hearing your stories at Amethyst next summer!
    Ines and Bob Hindman

  8. A note from the O’Neills up North!

    We are keeping a close eye on your live journal and progress. Glad to hear Shippam shape is excellent – Folks at Loyola praying hard for a happy and safe trip. Enjoy your trails.
    Jane, John, Andre and Anne.

  9. Dear Heather,

    From the cardiology residents at the University of Toronto…. our prayers are with you and your team. Have a blast.

    You are truly an inspiration to us all.

    Phyllis Billia

  10. CHEERS!

    Your in our thoughts, wishing you safety and success, you all have taught me a valuable lesson, go out and fight for what you beleive in, the only thing that can stop you is yourself. There is nothing that is unattainable if you have the determination and the beleif in yourself. My hat is off to all of you.

    Todd Scott

  11. from Sunny Bermuda.

    Checking in on progress, and wishing you and your team the best of the best! Just listening to “Cold” by Annie Lennox on my run and thinking of you! LOL!!!!!!

  12. best of luck

    Dr Ross and team,
    Best of luck to you all during your expedition.Dr Ross- I’m sure Diane is with you every step. Mike Dwyer

  13. Is it cold enough for you Nessie?

    Can’t believe its almost a week since you flew out! From what you’re posting, sounds like all is going as planned (with exception of those few kinks that make for great stories!). Looking forward to your next postings…. and hopefully some pics of the penguins. Keep safe. Stay sane. Thinking of you. edl

  14. hi dale you are looking good. nice outfit. well I hope you get to go today but if you dont have a nice long hike to burn off the energy. things good here miss you love Peg

  15. Dale Shippam

    Hi Dale:
    Our thoughts and wishes are with you during this exiting journey through life. Know your brothers are with you in spirit, and think of you daily. Keep up the charge! It’s actually nice to see snow in your pictures, as the hometown weather has been more like spring than winter. Be safe!

    later … Acting Deputy Chief John McCullough – Thunder Bay Fire Rescue Service

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