Punta Arenas

Thursday in Punta Arenas 

: 8 degrees intermittent clouds and moderate wind.
Shippam Shape: excellent, in high spirits.

Lazy day for the team.  We had a briefing in the morning to review gear and weight allowances for the flight to Antarctica. 20kg of personal gear, 52 kg per person overall – hence the difference, 32 kg will be fuel, food, shovels, tent etc.

We did a walkabout and saw Magellan’s statue and kissed the foot that brings travelers good luck! (see photo)

Dave, Barry and I then went to the ALE briefing. There will be about 30 other climbers on Vinson at the same time as us. Dave and Barry know a bunch of the other guides – it felt like homecoming at school. The ALE staff reviewed waste procedures on Vinson – they are very professional – see it as it is and leave it as it was – and hence there are very strict guidelines on the mountain.

They have had 5 flights over so far – weather has been reasonable and in fact a bit warmer than usual at Patriot Hills; -5 to -10 range. There was one brief snowstorm on the mountain but all groups checked in and are doing well. Already there has been a bunch to the summit!

All of us are getting excited as it becomes more real every day. Lots of sorting through our personal stuff to see what we must have, what would be nice to have, and what isn’t necessary in order to keep us down to weight.






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  1. Punta Arenas

    Hey Heath
    does ALE mean what I think it does?? I was checking out the other expeditions (I could be there too if I had an extra 28,000 US$). THe weather at the nearest station was -4 and clear. Have you got any sleep yet??


  2. Poop and scoop and glamour packing tips

    just like home re : poop and scoop, pretend you are picking after the dogs!!!
    Tips on what to bring and what to leave… Leave all your hair products, hair straightener , blow dryer, diffuser, hair gels, forget about the the huge make-up bag you usually travel with , leave that too. You’ll need mosturizing cream of course, ( white scottish girl) and sunscreen… Last but not least, CHOCOLATE! A girl’s gotta live!
    Ciao ciao…

  3. Good Luck

    Hi Dale,

    Lindsay, myself, and both of our families wish you and the team a safe and memorable experience. I’m working on Linds to start doing the 3 times a week 50 lbs pack workout you’ve been doing…you need to write an exercise book.

    Hope all is well.

    Lindsay and Corby Richmond

  4. Message for Dale Shippam

    Hi Dale

    Well are you ready for the major trek up the mountain ????

    Just got home from seeing your much older brother. Fred and Diane were passing thru Winnipeg on the way to TB to see your Mom and Peg.
    They were at Dad’s for the night.

    They found it a bit cold travelling thru western Canada but everything was OK. They looked great.

    On seeing your weather, its warmer there than it is here – you could have just gone to the Rockies rather than the “rookeries”.

    It’s rather late here – so off to bed.

    Drop a line – if you get a chance before you start off.

    Will be following your progress closely

    Best regards – and WARM wishes

    Geri & Ellis

  5. Greetings

    Dear Heather and fellow climbers, thinking of you and wishing you a safe climb. Our heart felt thanks for your positive attitude and great care over the past 6 years!

    Bruce,Ellen,Marijane and Julie

  6. Your Kenora Fan Club

    We’re all spending valuable govenment time following the trip. You guys are one brave crew. I almost called in sick because my truck was cold. The ice here is thick enough for ice fishing (barely). It makes sitting around a hole a little more exciting when you might fall through at any time. Well good luck and we’ll be following closely.


  7. good luck everyone

    Hi guys, good luck to everyone. You certainly have a lot of fans and followers here watching anxiously for updated pictures and comments. See you soon,

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