Arrived safely in Santiago.
There were long lines to get through immigration – see photo – we of course were at the end of it so when we were done the rooms were empty! Almost all of the fruit was confiscated from our food – but then given back – a moment of panic!
We found the Starbucks in Santiago international airport and had the usual three hours to burn till we leave for PA.

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  1. finally found the site!

    Hi Dale and all,

    I finally found this site – my Dad (Glen) had to point me at it. The West coast branch of the Shippam clan is proud that you found a Starbuck’s so quickly after touching down!

    Looking forward to following the blog, and hearing the stories


  2. welcome south

    Hey Heather!
    normally trips south are to warmer climes….only you could go south for colder weather!! Ha. Hope the trip last night was a good one and the air was smooth. I’m gonna keep an eye on you (gotcha in the google earth and a couple of weather webs for storms etc.)Good Luck! Lucky for you they have starbucks in Chile!

  3. Hey Sis and Auntie/Godmother Pat

    Hi Tish and fellow team! Just Eileen, Mark and the kids, Jonathan and Sarah, writing a note to say…Happy Trails. Tish the Evening Telegram wrote a nice article in the paper today along with a great picture. I have sent it to the family. I hope the flight was not too long for you all. It is snowing here today but going up to 10 degrees tomorrow…typical NL weather. The kids are wondering if you have seen a penquin yet 🙂 We will write again soon. Take care and lots of love.
    The Woodfords

  4. Tracking with great interest

    Ian’s “trekkies” are following along with keen interest and support. We wish you all the very best for a safe and successful journey. Helen

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