The mission to Antarctica

To top off our fundraising campaign, Dr. Heather Ross and a team of half a dozen or so enthusiastic individuals will be heading down to Antarctica for the biggest challenge of their lives – climbing Mt. Vinson Massif, Antarctica. This peak extends 4897 metres into the sky – over 16,000 feet – and is the tallest in Antarctica! For more information on Antarctica, please click on “Quick Facts – Antarctica”.

The excursion will extend from December 3, 2006 – December 17, 2006, and participants can expect to be away from November 30, 2006 – December 22, 2006 with additional travel factored in.

Training for the trek is underway. The ‘basics’ include eating healthy; working out; adding weights; core strength and breathing; and upper body strength. The ‘specifics’ involve the technique of belaying; learning and practicing mountaineering skills – using crampons, ice axes, etc.; and experiencing winter camping in a cold alpine environment. A practice climb of Mt. Athabasca in the Columbia Ice Fields in Alberta will also take place.

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  1. Your Antarctia Adventure

    Dale: Congratulations on your resolve to be part of such an escapade of courage. I am humbled and inspired by you! My heart will be with you over the next few weeks and I look forward to hearing the tales upon your return. I will watch the site regularly for updates. Stay as safe and warm as you can. All the best- Sharon.


    All of us from the Canadian Transplant Association wish you well and will be watching your daily progress.
    A link is on the CTA’s page to bring viewers to this blog site.


    Dick Winter – VP

  3. Strong work Heather, and the rest of the team! We’ll be watching your progress with great excitement. Good luck from CST!
    Lori West

  4. off to a good start

    Just trying this at work. you werent on sandi ronaldo tonight.starting to expect national coverage every day. hope you guys are all well and filling up on beef and good wine. back here in thunder bay it’s left over perogies and penguin cake.I’m anonymous cause I cant quite figure the code I have to decode. a little too devinci for this girl.take care. love ps

  5. Ottawa supporters

    Your Ottawa fan club is excitedly following the progress of the expedition. We have all signed our donor cards. Happy climbing!
    Pat Filteau

  6. latte’s at Chris’s House

    Dear DAle.
    I phoned your house but you were already gone. Good luck and have fun and when you come back, come on over for more kindling and a latte. Chris.

  7. dale and fellow climbers

    This is so much fun following your adventure. Remember the Kamiscotia!?? Can hardly wait for the fireside stories. I may sleep out on my balcony naked just to get the feel of Antarctica or not??
    with you in spirit evey step of the way ! Lots of donor cards getting signed.

  8. Ian’s “trekkies”

    Bee and I were trying to figure out if we could post photos on this site as we have a a great photo of you and a certain penguin at our Bon Voyage dinner! B& H

  9. Message for Dale

    Hey there Dale..I’m sure your all pumped and ready to go.I’ll be watching your progress with the use of the blog. Good Luck to you and the gang….take lots of pics…
    There”ll be a nice warm meal waiting for you at the hall when you get back.
    B Matson ( and the James St fire hall boys)

  10. Dale’s climb and monitoring

    Dale and Peg Shippam: Wherever you are and whatever is happening right now, I am sending love from Winnipeg. I hope everything is going very well. Read about it in an article Jan sent me from Thunder Bay. Hope to see you between Christmas and New Years. Love Sandra and from Chris, too

  11. party day

    Thinking of you all to day espcially as we will miss you this afternoon if we could we would have a good stif one for you all..however cheers anyhow!!!! bless you all as we get to gether to day all your and families kids Heather my love and blessings margaret ford

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