50/50 Staff Raffle


For UHN employees enrolled in the 50/50 Staff Raffle, life could look a whole lot different next month. Why? Because next month is a chance to win big money!

“The 50/50 Staff Raffle is a fun and easy way for UHN employees to give back. It’s exciting for staff and brings all of our hospital sites together. Staff can feel extra good about participating: not only are they supporting their workplace, but there are some decent odds of walking away with some extra cash!”

How it works:

  1. Fill out the enrolment form to purchase your raffle ticket(s)
  2. Once a month, the cost of your ticket(s) gets deducted from your payroll
  3. Half of the ticket money supports UHN – and the other half goes into the draw pot
  4. One lucky UHN staff member wins a nice chunk of change every month (tax-free)!

See our Frequently Asked Questions >

Since its inception, the 50/50 Staff Raffle has raised more than $400,000 for UHN. Let’s keep it going! It’s a win-win, after all.


Lottery licence number: 8373


How do I enrol?
Visit igiveatuhn.ca and click the Raffle tab.

How does the 50/50 Staff Raffle work?
50% of the ticket sales support UHN’s hospital foundations and 50% goes to one lucky UHN employee. 

How often do the draws take place?
The raffle is held on a monthly basis.

How much are tickets?
Tickets are $5. 

Do I get a tax receipt?
No, lottery tickets are not eligible for tax receipts.

Does the winner pay tax on the winnings?
No. The winnings are tax-free.

How many tickets can I purchase?
Staff may purchase between one and four tickets per draw.

How do I receive my ticket numbers?
Your ticket(s) will be mailed to your home address.

Do my ticket numbers stay the same each draw?
Your ticket numbers stay the same for each monthly draw in the draw series. At the start of a new draw series, you will be mailed a new set of tickets.

How do I pay for my ticket(s)?
Your ticket payment is made via payroll.

How often is my paycheque deducted?
The tickets are deducted once per month (not every paycheque).

How is the winner notified?
The winner is notified the same day as the draw in person or by phone. If the winner is on vacation or on leave, the winner’s supervisor is notified and the winner will be contacted at home. Notification of the winner is also posted the same day as the raffle on the UHN Corporate Message Board and an email goes out to all raffle participants.

How does the winner receive their winnings?
The winner will receive a cheque within two weeks of the draw.

How many UHN staff participate in the raffle?
More than 2,000 staff participate in the raffle.

Am I automatically re-enrolled in each draw?
Yes, once you are enrolled, you are entered into each subsequent draw.

Who do I contact if I have trouble enrolling?
Sheryl Sutton at staff.raffle@uhn.ca.

How do I opt out of the draw?
Send an email with your requested removal date to staff.raffle@uhn.ca.

How do I update my address on file?
Send an email to staff.raffle@uhn.ca. 

How do I increase the number of tickets purchased each month?
Send an email to staff.raffle@uhn.ca. The maximum number of tickets that can be purchased monthly is 4.

Other questions? Contact Sheryl Sutton:

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