About I Give @ UHN

UHN employees are special. Part of that comes from our collective, continual desire to be better: we further our knowledge, generate new medical discovery, enhance the way we care for patients and much more.

We know that you already give in so many ways: your time, energy and dedication. YOU help make UHN the great workplace and hospital it is. But we must continue making it even better for us and for our patients. It starts with you!

I Give @ UHN is UHN’s employee giving program. Funds raised here provide crucial support for research, medical education, equipment and improvement of patient care at UHN.

There are many ways you can give:

50/50 Staff Raffle

Ongoing payroll donation

One-time or monthly gifts by credit card

• Fundraising events through your department

Participation is easy and rewarding on so many levels! Will you give @ UHN?

Toronto General & Western Hospital Foundation raises funds for research, education and the enhancement of patient care at Toronto General Hospital and Toronto Western Hospital as well as for their respective research arms, Toronto General Research Institute and Toronto Western Research Institute.

Our Vision: To enable global leadership in health.
Our Mission: To raise funds for University Health Network by developing and sustaining strong relationships.
Our Values: Excellence, Integrity, Accountability, Collaboration, Donor-Centered

Our donors and volunteers have shown a remarkable spirit of philanthropy in helping us achieve our mission and realize our vision. We invite you to join our community of supporters.

For more information about Toronto General & Western Hospital Foundation, please visit www.tgwhf.ca.

Princess Margaret Cancer Centre is embarking on a BILLION DOLLAR CHALLENGE to create Personalized Cancer Medicine for patients at The Princess Margaret, across Canada and around the world. The BILLION DOLLAR CHALLENGE is a 5-year initiative to secure $1 Billion to revolutionize cancer care by creating a new gold standard: Personalized Cancer Medicine.

Every patient is unique. Every patient’s cancer is different. So it follows that individualized treatment will get the best results. Changing the paradigm of cancer medicine requires a major investment. The BILLION DOLLAR CHALLENGE is the largest single fundraising campaign in the history of Canadian healthcare!

Our scientists and physicians have an excellent track record of leveraging the financial support they receive. So to meet this challenge, we’re reaching out to our donor community with a goal of $500 million, which our researchers hope to match with $500 million in grants.

For more information about the Believe It campaign, please visit www.thepmcf.ca.

Toronto Rehab Foundation is proud to raise funds to support the groundbreaking research, multidisciplinary education, extraordinary patients and innovative programs at Toronto Rehab. Through our work, we help add years to life by directing funds to support Toronto Rehab’s innovative programs.

Toronto Rehab Foundation is a registered charity with its own volunteer Board of Directors. It works closely with Toronto Rehab to gain support for research, education and patient care across all of Toronto Rehab’s seven patient care programs.

Government funding enables Toronto Rehab to deliver a range of high quality services. It does not fully cover the research and clinical innovation that lead to new knowledge and breakthroughs. In this absence, community support has become a powerful force to enables enhancements and improved outcomes for patients.

For more information about Toronto Rehab’s “Giving Together” campaign, please visit www.givingtogether.ca.

The Arthritis Research Foundation is one of the four foundations at University Health Network (UHN) in Toronto, with offices at Toronto General Hospital.

The Foundation raises, manages and invests funds for arthritis and related autoimmune disease research taking place in labs and clinics across UHN. We strive to increase awareness of this large family of diseases, which affects over 4.5 million Canadians. Through leading-edge research and a greater awareness of the realities of arthritis-related diseases, we hope for a brighter future for those suffering from these debilitating conditions, and for better musculoskeletal health in Canada.

We strive to build strong, long-term relationships with donors, volunteers, researchers, doctors, caregivers and the community, to achieve philanthropic support for Canada’s largest and most comprehensive group of experts dedicated to finding a cure for these illnesses.

For more information about the Arthritis Research Foundation, please visit www.beatarthritis.ca.

Supporting UHN

I Give @ UHN is an employee giving program that raises funds for our UHN hospitals. When you give, you are supporting education, research and the continual improvement of patient care right where you work.

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